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  1. Mike Lamb
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    I started off with 17' Ranger with 115mer. That on its best day would do 47mph. Like stated above for tournaments you are in the way at 47mph. I have been passed on turns inside and outside at the same time. I hold my line and they would pass and go. I have just updated my boat to 18' 518c with 200 mer. Now I am 67 to 70mph. Only time I open it up is on tournaments. I cruse around prefishing or fun fishing @ 45 to 50mph. Not to mention. More motor = Bigger boat = more storage. The more storage is what I really needed.
    Michael Lamb
    2017 / Ranger 518c 200 Mercury Pro XS
    Raleigh, NC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearetta View Post
    80 MPH!!! That has to be on glass water!
    Any tricky moments runnin that speed TR55?
    There is a video on the Bullet forum of a 21SS doing 102 mph on Pickwick last spring! A definite ripple is better than slick water.
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    I appreciate everyone's suggestions and insight! I apologize for not updating this in a while, as it's been a crazy spring/summer. I found a 1998 Javelin 379b (18ft) with a 115 Evinrude on it in my price range and pulled the trigger and I am very happy with it! Other than a couple of gauges not working and the front trim switch not working trimming up, not a thing wrong with it (actually getting those replaced right now). Top speed is 50 mph, if I want to get there, and while I've let it run out a couple of times I'm happy to just plane out and get along about 3/4 throttle. I think it's a good boat to learn with, and have been out every chance I get. Now if I can only get the bass to cooperate! haha.

    I went out and fished my first ever tournament as a co-angler this past weekend on Old Hickory (lucky to live 2 mins from it) and I'll give you a good example of why I don't need to do 70 plus mph most of time. The really good guy I fished with in his boat had a super nice 21 ft Triton with a 250 Mercury and he had no problem getting the foot down when he could. I would never tell someone how to handle their own equipment, but when you're fishing a lake with tons of submerged wood and floating logs, you can't really get after it that fast anyway! So here was this super nice and fast boat at half throttle or less 80% of the day. There were much slower boats that were just as fast as we were in reality. But then we went to the dam end and with all the big cruiser boats running around, and with all the big swells/waves, we spent more time out of the water in the air than we did in it. So what's the point of having the speed available if you can't use it! haha. One day when I get this bass fishing thing figured out, and fishing lakes that are deeper or easier to run on, I may need to be able to make big runs or need the speed, but for now I'll just give you a wave as you blow past and be happy to diddle along at 45 mph.

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