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    Prop and Setup Question 186vf

    1995 Charger 186vf, 1996 Evinrude Intruder 175

    With a 25p OMC Renegade, I get 4600rpms and 49mph, good holeshot and handling

    With a 24p OMC Raker, I get 5200rpms and 50-51mph, handles terrible, poor hole shot, like driving a piece of lumber with an outboard on its arse

    Prop is 3.5" below pad, no jackplate - I am planning on adding a jackplate

    Water pressure is ~20psi

    I am planning on a 4 to 6" jackplate, but I'm really looking for a prop recommendation outside the OMC props to optimize performance, top speed is nice, but optimal setup it better.

    Any input?
    Sean Smith
    Gretna, NE USA
    1995 Charger 186VF
    1996 Evinrude Intruder 175 - E175GLEDB

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    I would try a 22 pitch and see if rpms go up it sounds more like a motor problem.

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    Something is not right. My 186 with a 150, 24 raker (worked) and a full load ran 62 all day. Check the motor and prop. I did have a 6 inch jack plate, but that really did not make that big of a difference. It helped with hole shot and rough water handling

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    I had a 2001 186 w/mariner 175 4"jp 25p Trophy plus would run 5800 rpm's@65 gps light and runs 62-63 loaded.

    Start at 3 1/2" and rise up 1/4" till you lose speed or wp. I ended up raising mine to 2 3/4" p2p. At about 3" p2p it was like a new boat hole shot was amazing and gained a ton of lift. For the first time I could feel it get up and fall off the pad. Still owe TOC for telling me to keep going up with it