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    Posting Pictures taken with iPhone

    I have consistently encountered two problems when trying to post pictures taken on my iPhone, size and orientation. After considerable research and experimentation, I present a solution that works for me.

    Orientation: frequently, when I post an iPhone picture, it appears rotated 90 or 180 degrees out of phase.
    The app I found to solve this problem is "Camera+". It is a free app and is available for ios and android systems. Be sure to read through the settings and set it to save the pics to your camera roll.

    Size: The forum restricts the number of pixels or size of a photograph to preserve server space. The best way I have found to resize a photo is to email it to yourself from your iPhone. Once you have hit the send button, a menu comes up to allow you to resize. I open the email on my laptop and save the resized pic to the appropriate folder and then upload it to the forum from there.
    If you only use your iPhone, you can open your email on the phone and save the resized pic to your camera roll and post from there. there may be an easier way, but I haven't found it.

    I hope you find this helpful, there are probably other methods but this one works for me.
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    This app is super easy for simple resizing: just select your pic and resize. As for orientation, that is an edit option on iPhone in your photos. Always more more than one way to skin a cat:)
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