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    2019 Yadkin Chain Gang Trial, Schedule and Rules

    2019 schedule and rules

    * please read rule #6 under ENTRY FEES and PAYOUT

    2/10 Badin Lake, Circle Dr
    3/10 Tuckertown Res, Flat Creek access
    4/14 Lake Tillery 24/27 access
    *5/5 Lake Reese Jackson Creek Dr access ( 9.50 ramp fee per boat ), this is on the first Sunday because mother's day is on the second Sunday
    6/9 Randleman Lake, Adam's Rd access. ( 15.00 Dollars ramp fee per boat )
    7/14 Tuckertown Res, Flat Creek access
    8/11 High Rock Lake, Highway 8 Southmont access
    9/8 Badin Lake Circle Dr access
    10/13 High Rock Lake, Highway 8 Southmont access
    11/10 Fish off lake TBA

    Rule's a must read:

    1- All participants must be a member in good standing
    2- Team format Tx's, 2 members per boat, fishing alone is permitted
    3- All entry fees must be paid no later than 15 minutes prior to take off
    4- PFDs not required but encouraged
    5- Late for takeoff you must contact one of the officials prior to takeoff.
    6- 3 fish limit per boat, all fished measured on rule, artificial lures only. A .4 pound penalty for each Dead fish.
    7- You may launch at any landing you choose on the tournament lake, but you must be at the official ramp at weight in time.
    8- Late for weight in will result in a DQ, tournament directors will have the official time.
    9- Tournament hours will be posted 5 day's prior to the tournament. Time of year and weather will be considered prior to posting hours. Normally fish 6 to 8 hour's.
    10- Location of fish-off Lake will be drawn and posted at 5:30 PM on evening before tournament day.
    11- You must fish 4 of the 9 regular season tournaments to qualify for fish off. Any qualifying member may fish with another qualifying member.
    12- The May tournament is on the first Sunday due to mother's day.

    Entry fees and payouts
    1- 100% of all ENTRY FEES and membership FEES will be payed back.
    2- Annual $20.00 membership fee to be paid back at fish-off Tournament. There is no entry fee for the fish-off Tournament.
    3- Regular season tournaments Will have a $10.00 fee for each participant. If for some reason you can't fish a tournament and want to be counted. You can prepay your entry fee.
    4-Optional big fish side pot, $5.00 per boat. In case of tie pot will be split. $10.00 big fish at fish-off Tournament.
    5-Payout schedule for regular season tournaments will be based on number of participants, not boats. 1 - 10 participants 1st place only. 11 or more, 70%, 2nd place 30%.
    *6- There Will be no REFUNDS of said FEES.

    Contact information for the officials send IM to Scrappy, fishorfowl loco and or 286 pro.

    Contact numbers Scott 336-239-8501 or Joel 336-242-8891
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    2019 schedule coming soon