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    1998 205 w 200 Venom...Opinions Needed!!!

    I previously posted in the 196 thread, but found out it's a 205, so decided to start one of my own.
    I need your HS expert help, if you will please.
    I'm sorry this will be a long post, but I want to inform you as much as possible.

    Found a 1998 205 with a 200 Venom (as I titled post).
    Boat/Motor sat for like 12 years, but motor is running strong. That still scares me a bit.

    The motor has an hour reader on dash / key area, and it's at 195 hours.
    GPS at 64, BEFORE he just added a 10" JP. Hasn't run it since the JP, and prop is 4 blade, doesn't know pitch.
    He's happy to let me take it out and run the boat, AND...
    He has so much confidence in the motor, he is willing to let me get it looked over good at a shop.
    Definitely a compression check & leakdown and whatever else my guy thinks needs checked.

    He bought it from an older guy last summer that was original owner, who let it sit with a cover on it, till it dry rotted away.
    So then...this fella bought it & replaced EVERYTHING that was dry rotted.
    Seats, carpet, tires, batteries, thermostats, and more. He added a 10" Atlas Z-Lock as well.
    I know I'll need to change out gas hoses/bulb, and check the pumps & switches

    Has a 70lb Minn kota, & 2 older Humminbirds, that all work. I have a new X5 MG, and 2 NEW Gen 2 Touch Lowrance di/si to add on.
    Gel & Flake looks pretty decent. There are some (very, very little) real fine surface cracks, but he says they are not stress cracks.??
    I will be checking transom...Is it wood, or composite boat?

    Again, sorry so long...What do ya'll think...Just under $8k
    Thanks. & Merry Christmas!

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    Not a bad deal if everything checks out good. I believe any crack is a stress crack, some are just worse than others.
    My LS175 had stress cracks around the transom when I bought it, didn't have anymore when I sold it 12 years later.
    Some advice to you....If your serious about buying the boat, have a friend go with you, fill up the fuel tank (or bring an extra friend), fill up the livewell then go drive it.

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    My 185 had cracks in the gel shortly after I got it and some of them were not in stressful spots, such as base of the console, they look ugly but do not effect anything. Otherwise, never really had an issue with the boat up until I sold it couple years back. Its technically called crazing but structurally the boat is sound.

    Cant remember if by then, which would of been one of the last years if they had gone away from wood in the transom or not.
    Kevin D
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    Boatless bank beater

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    Did you buy the boat?

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    I have a 96 FS 205 with the Venom 200. I do not see a lot of information on the 205's online at all. Just bought mine last summer - so far really happy with it.
    Does anybody know if the 205 was an unpopular model or was it short lived ?

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    I have a 1999 LS 205 ,with a 1999 Johnson 225 HO on it. I pulled seats, gas tank ,all carpet ,redid it all, wet sanded Boat,
    all wood repainted with fiberglass resin for water proofing. New carpet, seats, fuel
    lines ,