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    2014 Z-7 Console Electronics Question

    Hello. Fist time poster here but been lurking, reading, learning for a little while now. Lots of good stuff here.

    I'm buying and picking up my first rig here in a couple weeks - 2014 Z-7, super excited. The current rig has an in-dash Lowrance Mark 5x-pro (assuming that was stock at the time). When I upgrade electronics, I am thinking of a Helix 10 Mega SI/DI 2gn on a mount and replacing the mark 5x with a Helix 7 chirp/GPS 2gn - just to be dedicated to mapping so the 10 can be dedicated to SI/DI/2D. Those with knowledge, will the Helix 7 fit flush in-dash (even if it takes a little customization)? There looks to be two gauges on both sides of the mark 5 now, but there is some wiggle room. Mark 5 specs I can find say 8.6'' W and Helix 7 says 10.5''. Please let me know if anyone has this setup, I appreciate it.


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    This is a very popular and workable solution ...

    We've got your console dialed in for the Helix. If interested PM me your cell number and I'll be happy to call.

    I think I can help you avoid some unnecessary pitfalls and save you some heartburn too.

    check out the pic's ...

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