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    Raise the motor?

    I currently run a 2003 Crestliner fishhawk 1750 with a honda 115. Late last year I noticed that I was getting a lot more spray coming off the motor. The spray is coming from the cavitation plate and it appears its to low. The season before I didnt notice this and Im thinking I have moved some stuff to the rear and now have more weight near that pig of a motor.

    I have always thought this boat was a bit touchy when it came to trim and would porpoise with the slightest bump in trim so maybe its always been borderline low. I also notice the boat is "squirrely" now when at full throttle which makes me think I have to much boat out of the water. All of this leads me to think I should raise the motor one hole, thoughts?

    Oh its running around 43 mph at 5600-5800 rpms, I have hit 45 under perfect conditions and half tank of gas. All speeds GPS

    I cant remember the prop Im running but Im thinking its a stock pitch in aluminum, I would take pics of the level of the engine but Im overseas and the boat is in the shop getting new carpet and a rear deck extension (which may add more weight to the rear).

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    I have a Lowe FM1710 with a Merc 115 4 stroke. I didn't have the handling issues you have but it would blow the prop out when trimmed too high and in corners. I had the "stock" alum prop on (13x17). Switched to a SS prop (same dimensions) and then raised the engine one hole. It had been in the first hole (very top)...raised it to second hole. No more blowing the prop out. Top speed was 36-38 @ 5500-5600 rpm. Now 43-45 @ 5800-5900 (right where it needs to be) with a full load in summer temps. Probably need to watch the rpms when fall gets here.

    There's a lot of good info on here about setting these things up. I'm sure more experienced members will chime in as well. Each boat is different so some "playing" with the setup is necessary.

    Post this in the "Tin Boats" forum as well.
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