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    Bass Master Boats

    Just curious if any body else is running a old Bass Master boat. I just picked up a new to me 1989 model 19' sv . It's in great shape and I feel like it was ahead of the curve when it comes to design for most boats that old.

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    IMG-3983.jpgGreat boat. I have a 154 SV that is light and easy to handle. Usually fish by myself. I purchased this boat from a man who had it in the rafters of a boat house for many years. Was looking for a project boat during COVID. Critters ate the entire electrical system- stator, trigger and switchbox wires. Basically rebuilt entire electrical. Removed oxidation and she polished up nicely. New carpet of course but left the bright blue carpet in the rod box and dry storage for nostalga's sake. Updated the electronics from the old Hummingbird LCD. Rebuilt carbs and added new floats. Fun project that brings back memories from my childhood. Had this little boat up in Guntersville last October and was reeling them in- in about 2 1/2 feet of water on Chatterbaits. Next thing I know, I have about 5-Phoenix boats upon top of me. Goes to show that although modern day electronics and everything are nice, they don't necessarily put fish in the boat.
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