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    '94 Ranger R70 seat removal

    I'm attempting to remove the bench factory installed bench seat in a 1994 R70 Ranger. I was able to release the bottom by pulling out on the bottom edge of the seat in two places and disengaging it from two metal tabs that fit into slots in the seat frame. The bottom and the back of the seat seem to be in one piece, but I cannot figure out how to release the back. When I pick up on the seat bottom from the front bottom edge it seems to want to swing up but the back doesn't release. ANy ideas on how the back is held in?

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    Post a pic. Some have a center piece that is Velcro'd in and has to be removed to expose a bolt to release the seat back.
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    Larry how did you end up getting it out. I’m stuck with mine.

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    you need to pull the seat back inserts off - they are in there good with industrial hook n loop. There are 2 screws behind each seat back. there are also screws down low on the edge of the seat that need to be removed. you will need to lift up and out as there is a hanger bracket in the center of the seat.
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