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    Elite TI 9 vs Humminbird Helix 9

    Im refurbing a Tracker 175 and looking for a "reasonable" console with SI that my not so good eyes can see. I have really beat it down to these two in the $1K range and may even splurge for the Helix mega model for the extra $300. I have seen positives for both sides in tutorials, but have no hands on experience with either. I don't plan on linking anything, just want good SI usage and the ability to mark fish quickly in SI mode. It seems the touch screens are the way to go, but they're not so easy for me using them in a vehicle or while there is movement, so Im not sure. The TI looks like a great unit and may be more of a "complete" unit for my needs. Im just a weekend guy and spending more than I should.

    Im not brand loyal and sure don't want a brand war to happen in the thread. I just need a little help from the guys that may have experience with both or maybe have used an opposing brand in a buddy's boat or something.

    Thanks ahead guys

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    I have Lowrance HDS9 Touch units but I helped a friend install an Elite Ti7 and was very impressed with it. With the total scan transducer and the 9 inch screen, this should be a great unit. I like the fact that for the first time, Lowrance has sonar, down scan and side scan in one transducer (The Total Scan transducer)
    That being said, the helix units are nice too, I have a friend with a 5 inch helix on the bow and I was amazed at how easy it is to read in down scan even with the small screen and Hummingbird has always had sonar, down imaging and side scan in one transducer.
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    Networking with another screen/ unit is better on the Helix, and offcourse Helix can use 360 which is a good thing for a bow-unit but not important at the consolle. Everything else is better on the Elite.

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    Once you have used a dual function Touch / Button unit like the EliteTi / HDS Gen3, it is hard to live without the Touch on a button only unit like the Helix.

    Many buy the Helix not realizing that it is not Touch, it is only the ONIX that has Touch in the Humminbird range.
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