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    X-19 rod holder

    Anyone else have trouble fitting a 7' rod in the factory passenger side rod holders? Seems the tubes should be angled more toward the middle of the boat to fit longer rods. Any quick fixes?

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    I get 7'5" rods in mine. But mine does not have the tubes. I did have to clean the wiring mess up and glue the carpet down to make it eazier to put them in.

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    I have a couple 7'6" rods in mine no problems. I don't have the tubes either
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    I had the tubes and a dual console, so it was impossible to get my rods in. I ended up taking a jig saw and cutting the tubes out of the bracket. Ended up with a wide slot at the top and bottom with a divider down the middle. I use rod socks and now works perfect. I have two levels, still, and have 9 rods in the box with ease.
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    Mine is a dual console and no tubes. I average 20-24 rods in that locker at any time. Most of them are 7', a few are 7'6" and a handful are 6'6". All are in StickJackets and I have no problem. The only thing tricky about mine is making sure you don't hit the windshield of the passenger console, but becomes second nature after a little while.
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    Same for me, no tubes, all rods in rod socks and no issues. I think I carry about 10-15 rods on each side. They slide in and out easily with the socks.
    As someone else said above too, I also fixed the wire mess up under the deck nice and clean and tie wrapped out of the way.
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