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    If you are doing new construction, a courtyard entry is better than a back entry as you can build more turning radius into driveway. Always have big door on outside with door height of eight foot. Try and have at least 28' of depth. Additional width is also helpful

    Don't skimp on size of driveway as tuning radius is very key to access on a side entry garage. I have a 30' deep side entry garage. If I was to do it over again with same house design and lot, would go 28" depth with more driveway, but make garage wider with a 18' door.

    The single car garage door needs to beat least 10' wide to be useful on a side entry.

    Add fan over boat and lots of lights. The new LED's are wonderful.

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    Single axle trailer required !!!
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    I have a 3 car garage with 3 single doors 23 ft deep side facing doors.i put my 21 ft boat in the center.i think its 24 ft on the trailer..i put it in at an angle but still have room for my truck on one side and a car on the other..its tight but doable double door would help alot..

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    Yeh things our wonderful wives sacrifice so we can have out toys. My wife's craft stuff fills our 2 car garage. My fix costs me a $100
    a month for lockable boat she'd 10 mins from the lake. She's happy and for $100 a month I'm happy. To me it's a small sacrifice for us both to be happy. I have the room on my driveway but I've put so much in restoring this boat that I will not leave it out in the weather.
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    When I built my house in AL we had to have side entry garage and I wanted 3 car garage. Started as the standard 2 side with a single door with the single door depth 30Ft. My builder and I changed it up and I put the single door as the Wife garage with entry to the house and the made the double side on the outside where the boat was going to be going. This way my truck and boat shared same garage and since my truck was not in the garage when backing in I was able to take advantage of the angle made a big difference. I also spent extra $$$ to have the drive area in front of the garage have extra wide length that also helped out. I understand your issues if you are buying a house already built. Those people do not think of Bass Boat Owners. I lucked out when we moved to Kansas as we found a builder near a small lake in the area and one of his canned house plans made the 3rd door wide and long for boat storage but it also is facing the street which makes it easy to get aimed. Another thing you can look for in those kind of neighborhoods is corner lots with slope that have side entry garage basement. They are few and far between but can work. My wife and I have done what you are doing she looks at the house and I carry a tape measure go to the garage and come back and say nope this will not work. Hope you have a really understanding wife if not this can be a miserable experience! Good Luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dcl20x3 View Post
    Wish I could just move out to the country but the commute would be terrible.
    Don't necessarily limit your location based on commuting distance!
    I commute close to 50 miles one way M-F. I got a diesel VW for the 1 hr. commute, which gets 42+ mpg, so commuting cost is minimal.

    Here's the plus side: Rural construction was a lot less than city or suburb, so we got more house for the dollar. Happy wife.
    And the biggie for me: Our house is minutes away from a lot of fishing lakes that used to be "up north for the weekend" locations... that I can now hit anytime after work. So nice to go fishing mid-week with little lake pressure, load up in the evening and have only a 10 min. drive home.
    I'd find it tough to live in a suburban setting again.

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    I love the side entry garage!!! I didn't want everyone driving by to see my hordes of tackle,rods and boat!! It was easy backing in with a 17.3 bass tracker with single axle.

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    Go jacks from Northern Tool and a floor mounted winch with remote control!

    Works great for tight maneuvering!
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    I had a three car side entry in Oboro. The driveway was nice and wide though. I could get my Cougar, Harley Trike, ZTR, push mower etc... in the double side and our 4-Runner in the single side. It was like 43 wide by 24 deep. I'd take that one over my front load all day long.

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    side vs front entry is not really the question. The question is how much turn space you have on the side entry. My house has very little and I have to jackknife my boat into the double door and move it by hand to the single bay. My fathers side entry drive way so big I don't have nearly the challenges.

    I don't know if I could put a duel axle in my garage. If I could the question might be, how much damage to tires and driveway.
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    I decided on the house and am closing on it right now. Found a house that has a front entry 3 car garage that's 22 deep and 30 wide. One double door and a single door. I'm sure I'll find a way to fit the boat since I remeasured my current garage (23ft deep) and it fits at a slight angle. I'm hoping I can squeeze one car in there. Bonus is the house is on a river connecting to a small lake. Can't wait!
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