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    Ideling alarm

    225pro xs 2b362940

    a few weeks ago I got a 6 beep alarm when warming up. My warm up procedure is 5 mins in neutral, 5 mins in gear and run 1200 rpms slowly to 3k. Water temps are mid 40's

    i thought I was getting a
    continuous beep that stopped when I put it into neutral and didn't count the beeps because it caught me off guard. The boat never lost power and the alarm never came back that time.

    Same thing happened next time out on cold warm up.

    I took it it to the dealer and they wrote this up.

    "Labor at shop rate. Thermostat inspection. I called mercury and it's not covered under warranty. Motor had 17.50 hours on it with four codes on the ECM 1-oil level was low for 197 seconds. 2-MAP sensor code. 3- Oil pump sensor. 4- thermostat sensor went off @ 16.50 hours. I pulled both T-Stat covers and inspected the thermostats and did not see anything that would cause the alarm to go off. I pulled the boat out of the shop and ran it for 15 minutes at different RPMs with the laptop connected to the ECM and did not see anything out of the norm. Temp in both heads were 110 to 133 degrees F."

    i didnt read read any of this at the place because they told me what they felt the issue was (the map sensor) and that it's fine. After reviewing it I'm wondering why all the codes? Is the low oil lever from when they first primed the oil injection pump? I don't understand why I would have ever had low oil ...never got an alarm in that. Is it normal for a brand new motor to have 3 hidden or silent codes like this?

    Anyways I took the boat out after picking it up and got the same 6 beep alarm again during warm up. Water temps 45 air temps 30. I took it back and they said they would call me but I didn't leave the boat this time. I'm not planing on using it but they still haven't called since Friday.

    Any my thoughts on this?
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    Your not revving in neutral are you? Apparently it's a no no in the book. As far as the oil, the tank in the cowling needs to be full if it's not, open it up and fill it. That would be your selling dealerships fault. My t stats had an issue at say 20 hours where they got into a position on the sling where they shouldn't have. Now have 75 hours no issues.

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    Nope no reving in neutral. I had them do the 20hr gear case maintenance while I was there. I figure when they pulled those codes they should have checked the oil level under cowling. With only 17.5 hrs I'm planning on not doing anything myself. I assume they will contact me tomorrow just got me thinking over here.
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    Bassboater do you have a smart craft if so what is the alarm you see on the smartcraft when the horn sounds. As well I would monitor the water temp while going through your warm up sequence. I am surmissing you are getting a thermostat pre alarm, and once they do open the alarm goes away, or you are having water flow issues. Assume you are see a good "pee"stream on it as well.

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    No smartcraft. The dealer asked if I get loss of power, I do not.

    it does have a constant pee stream the whole time.

    i spoke with the dealer yesterday and they said they would contact mercury. They also said to give it some throttle to see if it does go into guardian mode and we are going to speak again with each other after some field testing.

    Im going to make a video next time.
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    IMPORTANT: Warning horn will sound ONE SEQUENCE and then silence. You will not hear it again until you shut the engine down, restart, and the problem again occurs. Don't assume that "it quit beeping it must be ok".

    You may have a BAD thermostat (sticking open once the engine cools down).

    Follow the recommendations in the link below- if you get the printouts, I'll be glad to review them.


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    thanks Don ill let you know after this weekend. ill ask them for a printout as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crang View Post
    I have a 2013 250 pro xs that beeps 6 times everytime i start it. Never have had any problems. Assumed it was a system check. Is this not normal? Should i have the dealer look at it?
    This is NOT normal, please see Don's reply in post #6 above!

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