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    26 Fury on Basscat Cougar FTD, Merc 250

    Anyone running this setup? Any input on RPM, hole shot, top end, Etc, would be appreciated. Have dual PP's also. Currently running a 25P Fury.


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    What are your current, loaded to fish, WOT RPM's with the 25P Fury?

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    If your not hitting the rev limiter, I dont see any reason to change.

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    I have the 2016 BCB Cougar AE with 8" manual jackplate, 250 Merc PRO-XS with the 26P Fury. I do not have any vent plugs in mine, the ports are completely open in by prop hub. I have not hit the rev limiter yet (new boat), but it is perfectly capable of doing so. With the motor at the neutral trim position, she runs 5K - 5200 RPM. Boat fully loaded with just me in the boat (I'm a big guy at 270 lbs), water temp around 60 - 65 degrees F, she'll run 72-74 MPH easily. My problem is that I'm still trying to get used to the boat and get into the rhythm of the boat to keep it out of the chine walk. I've been practicing some of the information that I found posted on BCB owner's board. The marina that I bought this rig from clocked this rig on GPS at 80.3 MPH before break-in complete with this set-up. Hope that this is of some help. I'd try the BCB Owner's board. I'm sure that you would get alot of feedback there.