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    115 SHO prop?

    What is everyone running on their 115 Sho. I currently running a Turbo 17 pitch great hole shot but bumping the rev limiter right when I get on pad on my Ranger RP190. Thinking of putting a little cup to run more like an 18 pitch. I have tried 19 and 21 and they do great on top end but don't have the lift and sluggish on the hole shot. Have not tried a 4 blade yet. Suggestions?
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    How long have you had your motor? The air in Texas is colder and dryer this time of the year than it will be come this June, July, August. The engine is making more HP. When the weather is hotter and more humid less HP will be made and the WOT RPM will come down. If you add more cup to your propeller it might work just fine now but cause the motor to feel like a dog this summer.

    Many will run two props. One for the winter and one for the summer.

    If you are only going to run one propeller I would stay with yours the way that it is now. If and when the engine might over speed at this time of the year you have got a means to prevent that.
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    I have a 19P, I think it's a powertech.
    it came stock. I usually reach right at 6k RPMS at full throttle.
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    Got an '16 RT188 and I'm running a 20p Laser II on mine. Had it cupped a bit by Croxton. Don't have anything to compare it to, only prop I've run! Lot of guys running these props! Pushing about 6k rpm @ WOT. Good hole shot and upper 40's.