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    Need some prop info

    Have a 2002 Charger 195 with a 2002 Mercury 200 EFI. The boat had a quicksilver 25p 4 blade on it when I bought it with about a 4" ptp. Was pushing 6K to run 50mph. I called Charger directly and they said to switch to a Tempest 25p and raise ptp to 3.5". I got the plate moved, put on NIB tempest plus 25 and took it out. I can only squeeze 61mph at 5600 rpm. That is myself and low fuel. Just wondering if switching to a 24p would be an option. Have not had a chance to take it back with the plate moved up to 2.5" which is what I'm getting from quite a few people. Is it possible that moving the ptp up 1" or 1.5" could solve this issue or is it strictly a pitch problem. I'm thinking about sending the prop off to Marks props to have it worked but I guess I need to bump the plate up some and use those numbers when sending it in or will that matter? I'm new to this prop stuff and am trying to make it as simple and cost effective as possible. Thanks

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    Raising the motor can change the rpms quite a bit. I don't see what brand of jackplate you have but you need to raise it 1/4" per run (some are easier to adjust while on the water) and watch things like water pressure, stiff steering, height of rooster tail. Once you get the "as good as it's gonna get", then make notes of prop to pad, rpms & speed. You then give those notes to the prop man. He can get you more rpms if he needs to.

    I think your rpm range is 5800, so running 6k isn't what you need.
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    Is your speed from GPS or speedo and it could be the tach isn't working properly. If the motor is actually turning 5600 rpms with a new prop you should be getting at least 65 mph. If you raise it any higher you have to watch your water pressure and you don't want to move it 1" up and test it. Big moves can cause more problems than they solve so you should raise it 1/4" at a time until you gain rpm's but not speed, lose water pressure or bow lift then drop it 1/4" and run it. You also want to test run it loaded the way you will use it most of the time not lite or you'll just have to do it again after you load it down.