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    advice on buying new 2017 Denali Pickup

    I am trying to figure out how much to ask off a new Denali. I hate haggling. I drive a Cadallac Escalade EXT and since they quit making them, I want a Denali since they seem to be the "replacement" given some of the new add-ons.

    Dealer here in NVa says GMC is offering "Dealer Pricing", aka, $100 dollars under invoice.

    That it? Best its gonna be?

    Should I work more on the trade-in pricing? Blackbook on it is 23-26.

    It is the first new vehicle I've bought in awhile, the Caddy was a demo model and I got 20% off over the phone and made the deal.

    I appreciate any input.

    Costco auto buying club is 2k below invoice right now.

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    I love haggling. Find a dealer you like and a truck you like and start LOW. You can always come up. Whatever price they give you, haggle! Try 10 percent and go from there. Good luck!
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    Check Kelley Blue book on new truck prices. I believe on average you will have an out the door cost that is around 8% under sticker. Take a notebook and write all negotiated costs so they dont try to sneak your haggling gains in on the back end. I would also check Carmax on their offer for your trade in before dealership.

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    Check out Laura GMC in St Louis for the best pricing and then take that to your local dealer for them to match. They have the best prices bar none anywhere on the internet and any dealer should be able to match them. If not walk out and find a different dealer. I did it last year and it took two dealers to find one that would work with me.