We have had several post/request about how to ship a large box such a trolling motor, Talon, Powerpole, etc. Stretch asked that this information be pinned to the top, making it easier to find. This is the way we do it, shipping several trolling motors per year.
We use FedEx, either ground or home delivery, whichever is appropriate.
>You will need a box, Sporting goods stores are a good source for these. The dimensions should not exceed 129". That is calculated by adding twice the width, twice the depth, and the length together. Anything over this length will get you a "virtual weight" charge instead of charging for actual weight.
>Pack it to allow for stabilization inside the box. If you're shipping for repair, we don't need things like the mount or the prop. If you're mechanically inclined, you can take the footpedal with harness loose in the head of the trolling motor and ship either the footpedal with harness (to replace control boards, steering cables, or other footpedal repairs) or if a shaft/bearing change or repairs to the lower unit, you can ship the trolling motor without the footpedal/harness. If you not mechanically inclined, just ship the trolling motor with the footpedal still attached. Be sure and use something to "block" damage to the prop shaft.
>Measure and weigh the box
>Use FedEx.com to enter the shipping information and create your label. Attach the label to the box and mark out any previous shipping labels that may be on the box
>Take the box to a FedEx drop off location, NOT to a FedEx shipping store. A shipping store will charge you just to handle the box. At this point, you can even give it to a FedEx driver.
Hope this helps someone.