Submit pics here that are taken between Jan 1st and the 28th.

*DO NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF. This is about encouraging each other, sharing your art and not to be taken seriously. Voting polls will be public.

1) Picture has to be true to the monthly theme.
2) You have to take the pic yourself.
3) Only NEW pictures taken between the time constraint given (ex: Nov1st through Nov 25th at Midnight). Exif data must be available in the picture for verification of date shot if there is a stipulation. NO archived photos (unless otherwise specified)
4) Pictures submitted need to be 1024x768
5) No heavy photoshopping. Cropping and color adjustment (brightness, contrast, B&W etc.) are fine but no HDR's or complex manipulations.
6) OPTIONAL Please list the settings you used to capture your shot, such as apeture, shutter speed, ISO, if you were using a tripod, remote etc. etc. If you don't know them or were on full auto, no problem.