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    GM 4.3l V6 ECOTEC3

    3.42 rear axle... would you own it ? GMC pick up.....thanks for the feedback ... I pull a tin center console

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    I had a 4.3 GMC way back in the day, 1994. It was my first new car ever. Loved it. It was 2wd and I think AC was the only option it had. Got great mileage and was so smooth if I didn't pay attention I'd be going 85 mph everywhere. I didn't have a boat back then but when I moved I used it to pull a 20 something foot tandem axle Uhaul trailer with everything I owned at the time. No problemo. I think it would quite sufficient to pull any bass boat, aluminum or glass. It's rated to pull over 7000 lbs and it makes almost as much HP as the 5.3 GMC I had in 2004. A lot of guys think you can't pull a jon boat unless you have 1 ton diesel but that's BS.
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    As long as you don't get in an all fired up hurry it'll do just fine. The dealer gave me one for a day or so back when they had my 14 Silverado for repairs and I had to open the darn hood to make sure they gave me a V-6 and not a V-8. All I told them was I needed something that would tow a bass boat and they said it would no problem. I never did it but I belive it would have. Seems like the V-6 came with a 3.73 back then?

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    Depends on tire size your gonna run?! The motor has enough power but if not geared right your gonna go thru some transmissions. Regearing on assuming a 2 wheel drive is really not that expensive.