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    Jackplate Help Please-Ranger 680T/50 ETEC Tiller

    Hi: I am repowering my Ranger 680T with a 50 ETEC. The ETEC has a tiller handle that is considerable longer than my current outboard. The seat is fixed, so I am considering adding a 6" jackplate to setback the outboard and bring the tiller handle into a more comfortable position. Will the jackplate complicate the performance of my engine?

    What is the difference between manual jackplates, or are they all basically the same?

    THANK YOU!!!!!

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    Not much difference in manual plates,some are easier to adjust than others.Vance plates are good plates and reasonably priced. A plate may help you with handling,holeshot and top end but don't expect too much improvement with a small engine. I noticed the longer tillers on newer engines too,I guess it's to help with steering torque maybe.