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    Where to mount garmin 93sv "ducer"

    If I mount on the bow and use the trolling motor mount, do I have to turn off every time I pull up to go to a new spot? Which would also mean I can't use when big motor is on! Right?And if these units work best under a couple miles of speed unless I have 2 units this unit should be at helm w/ ducer on the transom, guidance is needed as electronics in my New Years resolution! Learn how to use efficiently!! Thanks in advance for any recommendations!

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    Sadly you get one or the other. Sv will work better at the console, turning the tm will skew the image. I mounted my 93sv at the console and put a 73sv at the bow. (would have put a dv but cabelas clearanced out the nonchirp 73sv so it was cheaper than the dv.)

    You could mount the transducer on the transom and put your graph on the bow, but then you have to realize any waypoints you drop based on what you see on the graph will be the length of your boat off. Also anthing you see on the graph will be 20' or so behind you and you will have already rolled over it possibly spooking it.
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