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    Pulling a Skier

    Just bought a lake house and I want to get a pontoon. I am looking around for boats now to see what is around for a great price. I don't plan on putting my bass boat in the water much and was looking at a pontoon to do it all. I am thinking that it will be mostly used for cruising but on occasion use it for some tubing and maybe water sking. Would a 115hp on a 24' do the trick or do I have to look at a 150? I would like to keep the price around 25K if possible. Thanks

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    Depends on the size of the skier you are tying to pull. I know my dad's Avalon 24' with 175 Suzuki 175 pulled my brother and I (both around 180 lb) both up on Slalom without much trouble. If I were you I would most likely go with the 150.