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    1973 Camaro S

    I know a guy who wants to sell his 1973 Camaro S with a 383 stroker. Car has set for about 10 years, after being repainted with being started every now and then. Upholstery was redone 10 years ago and looks good. Car could use a repaint and has original brakes. Not hardly any rust, as far as I can see. My question is how much would you offer?

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    First thing to find out you didn't even mentioned. Transmission.
    Never buy anything that ain't running. Your spending then spending then spending. Thats the golden rule in car buying.

    Your spending the money to buy it. Spending the money to get it running, then going to be spending the money to make it look good to you.
    You would be better off with monthly payments for a newer model camaro. No kidding.

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    Now that is sound advice.

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    If you can't really get it cheap and do the work yourself ..... may wanna take the above advice.

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    More probable than not the motor, trans, rear diff., brakes, hoses etc will need to be checked fixed or replaced after 10 yrs of setting.Could be a can of worms or a diamond in the rough.
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    It it were me, i'd stick a tag on it. (notice I didn't say the right tag) and run it for a day or so. Do the speed limit. LOL
    See how it feels, you put couple of hundred miles on it you'll get a feel for it. If its something major might even show its ugly head during that time.
    Funny note . if the guys says its in great shape but he don't want to take that ride with you, he knows something you need to know and don't. LOL

    What price you getting this thing for? Whats been done to the stroker. First half of my life was playing with 383s, 377s, 406 and 415s. If you want to know about the motor throw the specks out here, im sure i'm not the only one that has played with the older SBC. What transmission is in it. 350, 400 or stick.

    You know the tires are going to have to be replaced, like keystone said, just go ahead and plan on replacing everything. Hoses, belts, all fluids, rebuilding the carb, lifters and springs for sure and pull the heads you can stick those in while you got it down. New set of head gaskets for sure. . Something this old or classic your going to want it looking good, hows the interior? Cheapest thing you got going on is sanding it down tape it up and having a buddy shoot it you buy the paint.

    Love the car. My first car was a custom 73.

    That was a 415 stroker SBC moved up to BB 456. When it sold still had the 456 in it.

    Some pictures of the car your wanting would be very helpful but two things are important.
    If your not a gear head and can't work on your own motors, I'd back off this thing cause its going to be a right good hobby tinkering with it.

    Second unless its built to the gills its still not going to outrun a modern day camaro . Go ahead and get that out your mind. All the difference in Night and day between the LS and the Older SBC.

    If your looking at it cause its a classic and know your way around cars, then I might consider it if you don't mind putting some money in it.
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    not near the worth of a first generation 67-69 Camaro.

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    What is a Camaro S?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 98 Elite203 View Post
    What is a Camaro S?
    RS maybe?

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    We done scared that boy to death. He's be driving a TDI Volkswagen........ 45 mpg... LOL

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    Whats a little rust and where is it. Pictures of the car would help a bunch.
    Are you wanting it for a daily driver or something to play with?
    Do you have the money to buy and fix it up without borrowing for it??

    It going to be a going up in value if its not a run of the mill car. and ever if it is it will go up as to a newer car.

    here is mine.

    Is it worth what I have in it, Nope but getting closer everyday. How often do you see them around!!
    Your not going to come out if you are going to fix it up and drive it everyday!! This took me 3 years and around 20K to get it here, but its all new.
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    is it a split bumper?
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    ever watch gas monkey garage?? 90% he is in hole on those old cars.. about every thing will need a rebuild, maybe not from wear n tear.. but everything that's Rubber or a gasket, even gas tank will have rust or dry rot and old fluids. Sales man told me this years ago" Old Vehicle's are like Old Hookers No Demand for them"