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    BluewaterLED tricked out. 2014 Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie.

    Decided to go out all out on the new truck. What I really like is the 5 accesories switches from the factory that allow you to hook anything up under the hook. Wires already run. They have NO idea how much that helps a electronic nut.

    Truck is set up for everything i pull. The bluewaters match the bass boat and race trailer GOT TOOLS? turned a set of truck fender box tool boxes around backwards mounted them on the fender like I did in the old 2000 dodge so they would clear the gooseneck, added a lowes toll box, painted it black, repainted the head rack black to match the truck, air and generator inside that tool box, tools in the other retractable 50 foot cords on both, allow me to run air tools, and a heck of a lot of LEDs both inside the boxes for lighting and outside the boxes for Bling.

    Bluewater 40" on both front doors. Bought two trailer kits and used the shorter ones for the back doors. Have not wired them in yet thats next time homes project.
    Did get the LED on the front installed.

    Bluewater 40" under the tool box waiting on 4 more lights now one for the other side, and one bright white for the inside of the generator box and other two inside the two tool boxes.

    Did use some advance LEDs for under the seats.

    Retractable hose and power cords.

    Two 18W LED work lights aimed outwards under the bumper .

    Added black rails to match the front push bar and the headache rack.

    Edge Monitor.

    Thats inside the box. Honda EU3000 and a 6 gal, 2 HP air compressor.

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    Remote control Firestone air bags. Coolest toy. No wires inside the cab.

    My latter.

    And got rid of that ugly butt exhaust hanging out the side.

    And Husky Mud flaps front and rear.

    For you guys guys, my custom gun mount. Don't freak on me. We have open carry in NC and I have CCW.

    And here is old school knowledge. How to make a 3500 DRW ride like a 1500.
    You removed the huge helper spring and add air ride.

    Then you hook to your toy trailer and off you go without a worry in the world about anything leaving you on the side of the road. :)

    Added something to make the front end happy. Cleans up the steering. :)

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    Semper Fi

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    Dude dats nice !!!!

    BULLET 20 XRD/250 Merc Sport XS

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    Got her done.

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    That looks very cool where you get the ladder? I have a 15 2500

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    E bay or Amazon have them for under 50 dollars. Makes life simple. ;)

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    whats in the trailer? nice rig!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ram rod View Post
    whats in the trailer? nice rig!!
    Drag race. Rear end dragster in there that sports more Bluewater LEDs.

    Three hobby trailer. My offshore rod and fresh water rods on the top, RC airplane over the rail and the dragster.

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    Sharp!!! So all you used is Bluewaters?

    BULLET 20 XRD/250 Merc Sport XS

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    So far.
    The underwater lights on the bass boat was a vendor on THT the hull truth forum I hang out on, and the floor lights in this new truck are not BWL those change colors to what ever mode you want bought them through the stereo shop.

    All the rest are. Just came back in the door installed the trucks side LEDs 2 80" strips , going to do the bass boat trailer tomorrow with one of their Ultimate trailer kits and i'm finished.

    Pontoon is lit up, bass boat and the bass boat trailer , dragster, dragster trailer and the 2014 3500.

    The lifetime warranty is mostly way and the things have a really thick cover so they can take a lot of punishment. If they quit send them back they send you another one for free other than shipping.
    They ain't cheep but to never have to worry with buying one again after install is worth a extra dime or two. To me anyway.