Just a heads up, there's a motorcycle scam that involves using a fake escrow/shipping company. The ad appears to be for a red 1992 HD FXR FXRS that looks to good to be true for $3300. The guy will email saying that he needs to sell the bike due to getting a divorce and wants to discuss everything over email. The guy goes by James Perkins and his email is j.perkins.usncs@gmail.com

The guy won't call you to discuss the bike but assures the bike runs. The VIN checks out matching the type of bike, but unknown about the owner. Then he points you towards a fake shipping company called P. Wills Transport and the website looks legit, but there's no phone numbers to call and ask questions. Plus the wire transfer goes to a bank in the UK.

My buddy emailed and call the guy out about the scam and he finally got a call from the seller, but the guy was from India and couldn't barely speak English. Overall, be careful and let your other motorcycle buddies know.