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    1199 ci or cxi

    Need some help, looking at upgrading my helm unit from a 999ci si hd....I don't want to change transducer and want to network the units so been looking for a 1199. That brings me to the question, Academy has the 1199cxi si hd unit for 1,000 (I think that is the international model) but is 300 less than the 1199ci si hd unit.

    Will the 1199cxi si hd unit work with my xhs 9 hdsi 180t transducer? What's the difference in the ci vs cxi?

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    All the 1199's and 999's come with the HDSI transducer.

    The cxi models have metric and standard measurements.
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    Yep - the cxi is the International version, same exact firmware and functions except maybe the background map (not positive) and the metric units option.

    SAE/Imperial is there also.

    Save $200 if you have another use for the coin, I would!
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