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    Canopy cover and mold

    Just about ready to buy my first pontoon. I was thinking that I would want a canopy cover for my lift but a friend of mine told me to be careful. He says that because of the high walls on a pontoon, having a cover could promote mold during the more humid months. Your opinions on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    I don't have a canopy over a lift but I did have problems with mold forming under a full cover - although the full type cover seems to be the most common, I had custom covers made for all of the furniture and the helm - no more mold and frankly easier to put on after every cruise.
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    Ive heard you can put cat litter in the boat and it will absorb the moisture. Couldn't hurt to try.

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    I bought 4 cans of the diseccant they sell at Walmart, HD, and Lowes. Cheap, refillable, and it definitely helps. In the spring and summer I cover my pontoon almost every time we leave the lakehouse to go home on Sunday. It stays covered until the following week when we return. I do use a small shop vac to remove any excess water from the floor, and wipe down the seats, etc. with a ShamWow cloth before we cover it. But, usually still a little wet. The diseccant cans are always nearly full of water when we uncover it. They really do help control moisture and mold.
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    We have a full custom cover which stays on all through the Winter Months.
    Every Spring we have to clean mold from our white interior! This Winter we'll definitely be putting in cat liter etc....!
    That diseccant sounds interesting, we'll give that a try!!
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