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    Apr 2015
    Vernon hills, il
    Hi all,

    I take delivery of a new 119c next week. I didn't order a jack plate or power poles so I was wondering what I can expect out of the boat stock? It is a dual console.

    Thank you

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    Apr 2015
    Vernon hills, il
    Quote Originally Posted by Muskyhunter88 View Post
    Hi all,

    I take delivery of a new 119c next week. I didn't order a jack plate or power poles so I was wondering what I can expect out of the boat stock? It is a dual console.

    Thank you
    Probably would help if I told you what motor. It's a 225 merc pro xs

  3. Member Rudeman's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    Belleville, IL
    1994 361V
    1994 Merc 150XRi (EFI)
    25P Tempest A45 with hub vents partially filled with JB Weld with 1/8" holes drilled.
    No Jackplate
    3 1/2" Below pad
    Solo Angler and a Full Tx Load with 1 1/2 tanks of fuel
    62.5 MPH on GPS
    Fair degree of chop.

    _______Steel City Bassmasters - Granite City, Illinois______

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    Aug 2015
    Kansas OK
    2012 z521
    Yamaha sho 250
    Hydrolic atlas 12 inch jack plate
    25 pitch 3 blade
    Setting to pad?
    Top GPS tournament load full tank of fuel 75 mph
    Average speed 45 mph.

    Atlas hydrolic

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    Jan 2013
    Skowhegan Maine
    2015 520C single console
    Yamaha SHO
    Hydraulic Atlas plate
    27 pitch T-1 worked by Croxton
    Dual 10' Power Poles
    Water Temp 76 degrees
    Slight Chop
    77.3 MPH

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    Aug 2015
    Glenwood, AR
    2005 Z21 Dual Console
    2006 E-TEC 225
    Bobs 10" Hydrolic
    24 Pitch Raker II
    3 1/2" Below Pad
    Top Speed 71.75
    Average Speed 68.10
    5900 RPMs

    Note: just me, 165 lbs, around 3/4 full in both tanks, slick water, quite a bit of gear. Haven't really learned how to get it just right, first time owning a boat this big. Any input or adjustments to try or do would be appreciated greatly! Have been told, a lot, don't touch anything, I have a strong motor and setup. Thanx!

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    Jun 2015
    trussville, Alabama
    2008 188vs
    Yamaha F150 '08
    No jack plate
    21 pitch yamaha
    5500 rpm - 54mph top with tourney load, half tank, and co-angler.
    Looking at getting a 6" JP and a 175vmax hpdi series 2 thats new on the shipping crate. Think I can expect 10-12 more mph with a light load?

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    Shawano Lake, WI
    Not bad for a 27 year old motor! Would love to get a pic at 60mph, but just have not hit it yet...getting closer!Fast Boat.jpg
    "Cast Everything in the Best Light Possible"

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    Sep 2015
    West Central Ohio
    1988 Ranger 363V
    150 HP Johnson GT
    "Turbo" 3 blade SS prop 14.25" x 23
    No Jack Plate
    4.5 " below pad
    Top GPS Speed = 61 with RPM's at 5,400 smooth water
    Trimmed 1/2 up which puts prop on level plane with pad - best scenario I have heard??
    Full Tanks @ 32 gallon, live wells 1/2, minimal gear, one person
    Top GPS speed with tourney load, full tanks, 2 people = 56
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    Sep 2011
    Hubbard, Tx
    2015 Z521c single console
    2015 Mercury 250 pro xs
    24p stock Fury
    Half tank of gas
    250lb & 200lb riders
    22 rod combos
    Both back compartments full of tackle and big center full.
    4- 31 series batteries.
    2-8 foot blades
    10in hydraulic jack plate
    (72.1) going with minimal wind. I adjusted trim and prop until I couldn't get any more out of it.
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    Aug 2015
    New Bedford,MA
    2005 519VX (sig),,,,,2 ppl, ton of tackle, best so far is 72mph gps, was glass for this.

    Want to add a 8 jackplate and go to a 4 blade, no idea where that will take me.
    2005 Ranger 519VX w/ 200HO ETEC

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    Oct 2011
    Semora, NC
    2000 R91
    200 EFI
    25 Pitch Tempest Plus
    6 inch manual jack plate
    48 gallons of fuel and loaded
    68.7 mph gps

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    Jan 2016
    Leesburg Fl
    1989 373 with Johnson 150 GT
    No jack plate and Renegade 4 blade 23
    54.4 GPS at 5500 RPM
    full fuel
    rear well full
    2 people
    funny, 3800 RPMs is 38 mph, 4400 RPMs is 44 mph
    Do these numbers sound correct? Should/could I be going faster?

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    Aug 2015
    Boat: 1996 492VS
    Motor: 1998 Yamaha 225 EFI
    Jack Plate: Rite Hite manual 6" I believe
    Setback: 15" built into the boat plus however much the jack plate adds
    Top GPS Speed: 71.1 mph @ 5750 rpm with both tanks 1/2 full, full spider rig, my 240 lbs and partner's 170 lbs
    Average WOT speed: 68 mph
    Not sure on the prop, it's the one that ca me on it and it's nothing special, probably stock

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    Aug 2012
    96ranger492vs: I could use the information about the prop if it isn't too much trouble. I am running about 10 mph less than you presently for some reason.

  16. Member brolland's Avatar
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    May 2007
    Waterloo, IL
    Boat: 2012 Z522
    Motor: 2012 250 Yamaha SHO
    Jackplate: Slidemaster w/12" offset
    Prop: Fury 25"
    Setting to Pad: 3" below pad
    Top GPS Speed: 69 mph at 5900 rpm w/near full fuel tanks and me alone and calm water
    Average GPS Speed: 50-60
    RPMs: 5500
    Notes: 3 seconds till on plane
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    Jan 2007
    Homestead, FL
    2008 178vx
    150hp vmax 2 stroke carb
    23 tempest prop
    6 in pro hijacker jack plate.
    One 8 ft talon
    80 lb fortrex
    59 mph @ 5600 rpm's
    just me 3/4 full of fuel.
    Full tackle.
    2008 Ranger 178VX
    150 Yamaha V-max
    Member #15410

    GO Fins!!!

  18. #218
    Boat: 2014 Reata 2050 LS
    Motor: 2014 Mercury 250 Pro XS
    Jackplate: 8" Atlas
    Prop: 24P Bravo 1 FS
    Setting to Pad: #13 on the jack plate gauge lol...I have no idea on pad height
    Top GPS Speed: 64.1 gps
    RPMs: 6000
    Notes: COLD, COLD day...42*F
    2014 Reata 2050 LS w/ 250 Pro XS & 9.9 Pro Kicker, HDS12 Touch & HDS 10 w/ independent structure scan fore and aft, Burts Rails and Mortar Rod Holders, 8" Atlas Hydro Jack Plate, 101 Terrova w/ iPilot, precision sonar mounting system Bow & Console.

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    May 2008
    Moyock, NC
    1991 Ranger 481V Comanche
    1991 "hot headed" Johnson Fast Strike 150
    6" manual jackplate
    24P Raker worked with a little cup
    3.5" below pad
    65.4 GPS
    5800 RPM's
    Air temp 50 deg
    Water temp 53 deg
    Last edited by headhigh; 12-15-2016 at 09:00 PM.
    1991 Ranger 481V
    1991 Fast Strike J150GLEIS

    "I would rather fail trying to accomplish something important than succeed at something unimportant."

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    Apr 2009
    2008 Ranger Z21 dual console
    2008 Yamaha Vmax SII 250hp
    10" Bobs JP
    3 Blade 25p stock Yamaha prop
    Single Powerpole
    Full load

    1 person: 69.1 mph @5800 rpms
    3 people: 66.4 mph @5900 rpms

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