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    Exclamation BBC Swap & Sell Guidelines...Rules you should understand BEFORE Posting!!!!!!!!!

    BBC Swap and Sell Forum Rules . . . . .

    In order to maintain a consistent set of rules across all the Swap & Sell forums, we have established Swap & Sell forum guidelines. These are in place to make it clear to everyone what they need to know in order to participate in these forums and to make our experiences here run smoothly.

    1. Everyone participating in the swap and sell forums needs to update their profiles with "FULL NAME" in your profile not just your user name or signature and your "City AND STATE LOCATION". Also click the "RECEIVE E-MAIL FROM OTHER USERS" box in your profile to be able to receive email from other members, posts will be deleted until this is completed.

    Members that fail to do this and continue to BUY/SELL/TRADE in the Swap&Sell forums will most likely have their account deleted! Thank you.

    2. List your asking price and whether or not shipping is included. This is NOT eBay and we do not run auctions,
    NO BEST OFFERS OR OFFERS, MAKE OFFERS. If you have an item as a package deal then decide to split it up all items need a price, if not the listing will be deleted. If you had an item as a trade then decide to sell a price needs to go on the item or the listing will be deleted. Also list the acceptable methods of payment. Threads not listing a sale price or anything listed above will be deleted.

    3. If you're a seller, do NOT request that money be sent via PayPal as a Gift. Either include it in your price or request a specific amount in addition to your selling price. The gift option does not provide ANY protection for the buyer and was not intended for use in the purchase of items.
    Please do not use any form of payment that does not protect the buyers or sellers like Venmo-Zelle ect here on the BBC, if a thread has these forms of payment the thread will be deleted.

    4. Provide a clear description of the item such as the manufacturer, model number and year and quantity. Provide an honest assessment of its present condition. Pictures are encouraged.
    Do not post a link that takes our members some place else to purchase items.

    5. Please update and maintain your posts!
    Sellers - PLEASE make a new post in your thread when your item is SOLD, These posts can be removed and will help keep down the clutter on the board.

    6. Do not post links to e-bay or any other auction sites. They will be deleted without notice. If you decide to sell an item already posted here on e-bay please have the common courtesy to instruct the moderator to delete your ad here. Items found to be also listed on Ebay, etc. will be deleted without exception.

    7. If you don’t have something nice to say about an individual or an item they have listed, keep it to yourself. Posts that have a negative impact on some ones ability to sell or trade their item will be removed without notice. If you think someone has an item priced too high, for example, please keep it to yourself.

    8. No WTB in this forum we have WTB forums in the Swap&Sell section. WTB threads will be deleted.

    Keep your threads limited to two only on the front page.

    If payment is not received within 48 hours the seller has the right to relist the item or move on to the next buyer!

    NO SELLING OR TRADING OF ITEMS FOR FRIENDS/RELATIVES under any circumstances. If they have gear to sell, have them become members and Sell the item on there own.

    Do not post ANY items you make and sell (for profit or hobby) If you want to sell items you produce shoot Al an IM about becoming a board sponsor. No selling items for your Sponsor or a business you are associated with you need to be a BBC board Sponsor.
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