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    Thanks kry29

    I will be taking my boat by the glass shop so he can lay eyes on it and tell me for sure but it is sounding like it was a repair. Ive talked to someone else that agrees also. It is a fairly decent size area. I was under a misconception of how boats were made so this appears to be a bigger deal than I originally thought.

    If this was a repair done at the Triton factory what is a reasonable course of action.
    A. Try to get it fixed to look better
    B. Demand a new boat since this one was damaged
    C. File a lawsuit (boat sold as new was a repaired boat)

    Also long term how does this structurally affect the boat? If a crack when present when it came out of the mold I'm inclined to think that will be a weaker part of the boat from here on out.

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    The repair more than likely wasn't to big of a deal. Probably just a spot that the gel coat was messed up and they just did a bad repair on. If that's the case then it wouldn't be any structural damage, just a cosmetic issue. Get with the dealer and they will take some pics and more than likely triton will help you out and get it fixed. Shouldn't lead to any future problems. The glass guy is the pro so he can tell you if the repair was just cosmetic or structural. Give triton the opportunity to fix it before you do anything else. From everything I've read they will help you out

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