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    Garmin 70DV issues

    I'm having some major issues with my Garmin 70DV finder. I have the transducer located at the front of my boat on the trolling motor. Now the map is of Lake Nipissing Ontario. i've updated all my software on my finder plus updated to the LakeVu HD sd card. now if you look at the pics it shows no details of the lake at all. i tried another lake and same issue, Im i missing something??

    2nd issue i have that the sonar is not working at all take a look a pics. i think i may have a bad transducer or should i mount it on the back of the boat and try that?? i was in 8 feet of water and its cyrstal clear lake and no fish around. but i get that even at 30 feet also. I get that crap going all the time i have it on sonar.
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    Do you know that you have the sonar auto zoom function on? See your depth scale on the right. It is not looking at the entire water column right now, just a zoom image around the bottom..
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    WHAT transducer do you have hooked up? Those images are standard sonar and not (downvu) which is now called clearvu. On my echomap 70s I had one transducer for standard and a second one for down/side with the GCV10.