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    Added the carpet graphic last night. Took out the center seat and carpeted some marine grape plywood. Used the same screw holes as the old seat with flat heat bolts for the back. I had to replace the bottom hinge with a standard piano hinge I bought at Lowes Home Improvement. The screw holes are an exact match as the factory offset hinge.
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    Simple soft functional

    This is 3/4 marine plywood with two layers of 5/8 anti fatigue padding so it's plenty comfortable most days for the random 3rd man. Used SS screws with fender washers to hold the stretched matting after gluing and Velcro to hold it down. Boat has traveled about 16k miles at least at 80 mph interstate speeds rain and sun.
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    Here is what I did with my Z8


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    Quote Originally Posted by tgrife View Post
    Here is what I did with my Z8

    That is NIIZZZZEEEE!

    Going to pick up my 2011 Z9 Tuesday.

    Couldn't help but notice your "NBB" logo. Jumped over there and put a request in whilst I was thinking about it.

    Of course I'm just getting mine, and haven't gotten tired of the center seat just yet. But I did want to throw something out there for the 'wood' end of things. Which is likely what I'd use being as I have all the woodshop machines to do what I'd need.

    We just recovered all our decks, 12 x 26 upper and 12 x 20 lower with 180 wrap around steps coming off of it. We used Ipe (eee-pay) wood. Us old timers call it Ironwood. It's a Brazilian hardwood similar to teak but it lasts 60, 70, 80 or more years! Without sanding and oiling it'll naturally gray out like teak. With oiling it's simply beautiful, deep and rich. It's naturally insect and rot resistant and is literally hard as iron.

    It'd be perfect for this project. Albeit it only comes in maybe a 10" width.... but you don't want to KNOW how expensive it is that wide!!!!! In a 6" width it's $3.15 a foot (market changes during the year). While that sounds expensive, it's nowhere NEAR as expensive as Trex (for decks). Top of the line Trex runs almost $60 a plank ($59.70 when I checked last Fall), where Ipe is well under $40 ($3.15 per foot, plus .30 to groove both sides for a deck with hidden fasteners). For boats with woodgrain interiors it'd look great in the middle seat/step configuration, and the side benefit is it'd last longer than the boat itself.

    You will need though a SHARP saw blade because this stuff wears out blades like you are sawing bricks.

    Another option would be similar hardwoods such as tigerwood, (beautiful stripes like a tiger) cumaru, garapa, jatoba, massaranduba or purple heart. The least of which is a 25~30 year wood, (cumaru) then moving up from there with Ipe at the top (and most expensive). Here in Atlanta is a direct importer.

    Thought I'd throw that out there.
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    Nitro Z-19 center box ordered from BassCat...

    Notice how I reversed my box compared to Dixie. I like the cup holders out of the way of where you may step onto the box. Works very well.
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