True that it will have to usually be deeper than like a bass boat. A very good way on any ramp is to teach the trailer backing dude or dudette to have the trailer about fender height with the water and then back up more as you get the boat on the trailer, then power the boat on as the trailer comes back deeper.
You cannot power these boats on with the trailer shallow!
Once the boat has entered the bunks and guides is the time to go deeper with the trailer and mash on the gas on the boat!
It doesn't take but a little practice and you'll have it down and your load time will be cut to just a few seconds and perfect!

I will say also that this is especially important when loading in a high wind.
I have watched many toons wash over the side of the guides while loading in cross winds from the trailer being too deep when the boat enters the bunks!
We keep mashing the gas to hold the boat on the trailer as the vehicle pulls out and cut the engine as soon as it revs from reaching the water surface!