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    Aug 2007
    2014 211R
    10 Atlas Jack Plate
    Twin Power Poles
    2 200 Plus Guys
    Live wells partially full
    Chucked full of gear
    40 gallons of fuel or so
    25P Fury
    5600 RPM

    Jack plate gauge at 14. Will check how far below pad
    74 MPH still gaining speed. Starting to get loose.
    need to raise engine a bit more. The more I raise the engine the less trim I need and the more stable the boat gets. Just got the boat. Never thought it would out run my Cobra which runs 71+ loaded. Very pleased with this boat. Jim

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    ran the boat yesterday and water allowed me to open it up some after I had mark work my 25bravo FS.

    He added extra Pvs holes and cup to add a true 25p.

    The prop just blows the furys I had out of the water in all around performance. There was no holeshot the boat launches hard and pulls like no other to 60+ and has an awesome mid range punch. With a decent chop on the water I hit 71 at 6000rpm with excellent bow lift. Engine height is at 15 on the atlas which puts it in the 2" below pad area and was holding 25psi on the merc gauge. 7 on the atlas gauge when measured put me at 4" and each point adds or subtracts .25" ( that can be off I don't trust my atlas plate and gauge at all wish I had a bobs)

    If if you take out my talons and factor in the bravo being a four blade that puts this boat in the 76mph area with a good 3 blade.
    Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life son!
    2012 Legend Alpha 211
    Mercury 250 pro xs

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    Allen TX (DFW)
    How long does it take you guys to get to these speeds? I've only just gotten my boat 2010 Alpha 211 and 250 Pro XS and only ran her once (at lake fork where you have to stay in a boat lane and there's not a lot of running room). The boat came with a 25p trophy. It's a dog out of the hole. Had some gas ring on there and all the pvs plugs half covered. I was getting up to 5300 rpm and 62mph with full gas and livewell, one 8' blade and full tourney load before I had to shut her down (because of room). I'm going to run it this weekend without gas ring and then without one plug at a time and see if I can dial it in. I also have my buddy's 25p tempest plus if that doesn't work. Honestly, 70mph seems so far off. Maybe the tempest will help me.

    Right now now she is porpoising after I get out of the hole until I get over 30mph, I don't know what that's about. Has to be the motor height. Could be partly because it's the only time I've driven her too and I'm not used to it yet. I see you guys running anywhere from 2" below pad to 4.5" below the pad. How is that measured? Any advice? I know, get a fury. But out of the 2 props I have available (trophy and tempest plus), is 25 enough pitch for my setup?

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    Prosper, TX
    Bigskippy- if you are at Fork a good bit, I can help you out if you would like.

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    Jul 2013
    Allen TX (DFW)
    thank you jimed99, that would be awesome!

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    Lake Charles, La.
    I am a new Legend owner. I have a 2014 211R with an Atlas Hydro Jackplate, no gauge, and running a 25 tempest plus. I've only had it in the water a couple of times and no chance to actually run it at higher RPM's. The Skeeter that I ran before this boat had a fixed jackplate. I'm looking for some advice on the optimal position of the jackplate to maximize my top end and any thoughts on the prop.

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    2016 v21 250 sho came rigged with 15 1/8" x 24 lift, max speed fully loaded by myself 64.8.. Tried three props...didn't get better..anybody have any ideas? Also, only turns 5400 rpm

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    Add a hydraulic jack plate and play with it. Also, those Charger boys run worked 27's on their heavy 797 models. Or have the current props worked and go from there.

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    Sharvey is this your first legend? If so it takes time getting used the fact Legends don't rise bow first the entire boat rises. Call and talk to Kody or Kaz they can get you in contact with someone that has a V21 and give you ideas.

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