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    Can we get a "split screen" option for Garmin Helm? The idea would be to display something different on the tablet from what is shown on the MFD. For example, have the chart on the tablet while looking at sonar on the MFD or sideview on the tablet while while looking at 2D or some combo screen on the MFD.

    It would be very useful to be able to decide which screen view or combo view to send to the tablet and have that independent of the MFD screen.

    Maybe you could pull up a view, make any adjustments you wanted to that view, and then send it to the tablet and have it locked in while you have other views on the MFD. You would then need to be able to "unlock" it later to make changes.

    Can we please get this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TroyBoy30 View Post
    I'd like to be able to choose the size of the waypoint icons. Everyone begged for them to be smaller, but they made them too darn small for my old eyes
    I agree x100!!!!!!!!

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    This isn't a software thing. Would like to see an extension to get my ps21 away from the barrel of my trolling motor..mounted on the side. 8 inches to a foot should do...cut down on the interference.

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    Include wifi and additional sharing options in/between the Echomap 7x and 9x series.
    DRASTICALLY reduce the price of the panoptix 'ducer.
    +10 on icon sizing.
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