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Please post your for sale and wtb items in the electronics swap and sell forums.

For Sale items go here Electronics

Want to buy items go here Wanted to Buy - Other Than Fishing Tackle

Sponsors of BBC are welcome to post their items and promotions in here at will.

Please keep the posts on subject!

If you have comments directly to someone that is what the PM is for. If you want to joke around with each other please take it to the "BBC Lounge" BBC Lounge you are disrupting members looking for information both positive and negative about product they are searching you are disrupting the sponsors that keep the BBC alive and going.

1) Please Keep the Topics on Subject being Discussed.

2) If you have a Question that is not on Subject Please start a New Thread.

3) Personal Attacks to another BBC Member will not be tolerated.

4) If you want to compare products ask in the Separate Forums the Positives and Negatives of Each Product but not comparison of different brands. Going to be biased anyway to the forum you are asking about a competitive product. It will help you get the best answers.

5) Your welcome to share any positive or negative or concerns about Lowrance Product here. Any competitive images need to be placed or shared in the appropriate forum.

Thanks for understanding.

Please see this post in the HB forum.

Please do not post links to non-sponsors products. If we see it the thread may be modified or deleted without notice.
We have several sponsors here that specialize in electronics as well as boat dealers who also sell electronics. These sponsors make it possible to keep this site up and running.

Please do not use the "report post" link to have your threads deleted just because the question has been answered. We do not delete threads just because the problem was solved or the post is no longer needed. If there is an issue like profanity or an altercation between members then we will give consideration in deleting it.