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    Maiden voyage- IMPRESSIVE sorry long

    So I finally got to take the BasSport out today for the first time. When I drove/rode in it with Lee, we were on the flat water of the James River. Today on Lanier, winds out of the WNW 18- gusting to 30. It was rolling pretty good. White capping in most areas. I won't make any guesses about the size of the waves, but suffice to say, it was rough.

    My tournament partner who has a Z21 ranger, exact same boat I sold to move to ALLISON, calls me and says I'm up by the lake, the wind is howling. Still want to go? I said perfect time to see if the ride I have been reading about and betting on, is as good as they say......

    I will spare any additional commentary about our pre ride exchange. The boat leaps out of the hole and I pull out of the semi protected cove, and hit a stout cross wind with the water white capping. I have the nose buried thinking I need to bust the waves (remember- x ranger owner), can't even feel the waves, start trimming up, fully expecting that at some point the ride was going to get worse....wrong! It was if the water was a slight ripple. I hit water that would have beat my brains in with the Ranger, and was driving comfortably at 55-60 at a staggering 3900-4200RPM. I was in shock. Kept looking at all the gauges to make sure the jackplate was where Lee said was optimal, probably no more than half trim, the 300xs was just not even breathing hard. A stroll would be the best description.

    When the water allowed, I would run it up to mid 70's for spurts and was amazed at how fast and responsive it is. The slightest trim results in immediate feedback.

    Anyway, after about 20 minutes, I set it down. My partner looks at me and says..."if we were in our Rangers, that run would not have been possible. Did you know it was going to be that good?" I reminded him that I had never been in it in anything but flat water. I had hopes it was going to be great, but I NEVER, could have imagined it would handle rough water like that....and at speed.

    We ran it for another half hour or so to kill more of the break-in minutes, and then put it on the trailer. Scott looks at me and says, I don't know exactly what you paid for that thing, but it is worth every damn penny. He continues, I have been in Rangers, Tritons, Skeeters, Basscats, Bullets, Stratos, and none of them are even in the same league. Not even remotely similar.

    His is final comment to me was "you could try and tell people how good it rides, or how quick it is, how comfortable it is, and you could never do it justice, they would have to get in it and experience a ride like this to appreciate what a machine the ALLISON is. He told me he was skeptical after seeing the pictures and reading some of the posts about the XB21, and not only did it deliver as advertised, it was better. He never stopped talking. Finally he says to me, "well what did you think?" All I could say is that I was amazed as he was. Didn't know what to expect, but love everything about it!

    He has texted me 3 times since we left the lake. Each text is the same. "I don't believe it, I'm amazed"

    Well that makes at least 2 of us. Can't wait until tomorrow.

    I guess all you guys that have Allisons already knew all this. Thanks for letting me share my excitement.

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    Brad Luchsinger

    2003 Allison XB-21 BasSport 2+2
    2004 Mercury Racing 250XS

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    Excellent write up. As amazing as these boats are, it's really surprising how many people do not know or just flat out refuse to believe the ride is far above other boats.

    How long before your buddy has his Ranger for sale?????????

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    They truly are amazing.

    Just be careful... even our boats have there limitations when the waves get big and far apart.

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    That's great that your first time out was so impressive. It's even better when your partner and owner of a different brand boat was totally impressed.

    Thanks for sharing and keep us up to date with your experiences and pictures of all the fish you're going to catch.
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    Awesome story. I think we have all had a similar experience, hard not to be excited. Congrats

    Johnny Johnson

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    Congratulations! Allison boats do ride well in rough water. Learn your boat and enjoy

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    It's very hard to convince people how well these "flyweight-as Rick Pierce describes them" boats ride. Ive owned Arkansas boats and they're good boats...when the water isn't angry

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    They are a great riding boat for sure. Learn to drive it well and enjoy.

    BasSport Pro

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    Great story! I still LMAO at the non-believers!

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    Awesome story and compliment to how great the XB21 is. I had to copy and share on my FB page.