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    Enter button will not move to the next line

    If you are having problems with the enter button not moving to the next line, smiley faces not working or sporadic text in your post try one or both of these fixes. On your web browser (internet explorer) try this:
    On Internet Explorer 10 or higher, go to
    #1 Tools
    #2 Compatibility View Settings
    #3 Add ""
    If you dont see the compatibility view settings under your tools tab you can place your cursor on your screen towards the top in a colored area and right click. Put a check-mark next to "menu Bar" and see if under that tools tab there is the compatibility tab.

    If those steps do not totally fix your problem then you can change your message interface on the BBC by following these steps:



    #3 By default it is set to "Enhanced interface'. You want to change that to the third option which is "standard editor".

    #4 Dont forget to click on the save changes button on the bottom of the page.
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    Nice! This works waaaaaay better now!
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    still having charctler display, something is definitely out of wick.