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    Searching BassBoat Central

    The Search function built into the site does work, however it doesnt like special character like -, and also just can be quirky sometimes. There is a better way to search for information using outside search engines. I use using Google's Advanced Search feature.

    **NOTE** These instructions are for Google ONLY. I am sure other search engines (bing, etc) have the same ability but the instructions may differ.

    1. Go to and type in a search Criteria and then add to the end of your search criteria Google will return all the search results that meet that. If you are happy enough with that your done. If you want to get more specific, see next step

    2. You can then go to the bottom of Google's results to the "Advanced" search and use even more criteria to filter results by how old the thread is, what pages to ignore, etc.

    Using this feature returns FAR more results than using the internal search on this site. With that said you may have lots more posts that are not useful simply because your search for a model number of boat,engine,fishing tackle etc will pull posts where people have that piece of gear listed in their signature.

    Here is a link to a search already setup, you just need to put in your search phrase/words

    Advanced Search:

    P.S. If anyone wanted to type up instructions or suggestions for other search engines feel free to post.
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    This was a VERY helpful tip - thanks !!