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    BBC Swap and Sell Forum Guidelines!

    In order to maintain a consistent set of rules across all the Swap & Sell forums, we have established Swap & Sell forum guidelines. These guidelines are in place to make it clear to everyone what they need to know in order to participate in these forums and to make our experiences here run smoothly. We appreciate your cooperation! Enjoy!

    1. We require that buyers and sellers in ALL the Swap & Sell forums properly show their full names and locations in their profile and that they have it checked to accept emails from other members.

    Below is a link with clear, step by step instructions on adding your email address to your profile.

    Below is a link with clear, step by step instructions on updating your full name, location, and other personal information:

    2. List your asking price, acceptable payment methods, and whether or not shipping is included in your posted price. This is NOT eBay and we do not run auctions. Posts with "make offer" and no price listed will be deleted without notice.

    3. If you're a seller,
    do not request payment be sent by PayPal as a "gift" publicly or privately. Use of VENMO and APPLE PAY are also strictly prohibited. Either include the fee in your price or request a specific amount in addition to your selling price. The gift option does not provide ANY protection for the buyer and was not intended for use in the purchase of items. Buyers, beware if a seller asks for a paypal "gift" payment in private!

    4. For everyones sake,
    please provide a clear description of the item such as the manufacturer, model number, etc. Offer an honest assessment of your items present condition. Pictures are encouraged and need to be no larger than 680x480.

    Information on how to post pictures and resizing them can be found at the link below:

    5. Please update, maintain, and consolidate your posts! No more than 3 active sales posts at one time are allowed. If you have several rod or several reels for sale, please list them all in one post. The new boards allow for longer, more accurate titles.

    ALL SELLERS, Please click "report post to moderator" once the transaction has been completed. These posts will be removed in order to help keep down the clutter on the board. Instant messages are now stored for a longer duration and should be kept in the event that any issues should arise in a trasaction.

    Please click the link below for clear instructions on how to report your post:

    6. Do not post links to e-bay or any other auction sites. They will be deleted without notice. Simultaneous BBC and Ebay or other auction site posts will be deleted. If you decide to move an item to eBay, please notify the moderators so your post may be deleted.

    If you don’t have something nice to say about an individual or an item they have listed, keep it to yourself. Posts that have a negative impact on someone’s ability to sell or trade their item will be removed without notice. If you think someone has an item priced too high, for example, please keep it to yourself!

    8. The swap and sell boards are established for BBC members who want to sell or trade their PERSONAL items and for BBC sponsors to offer their products for sale.

    The following sales are prohibited:
    - sales of more than 4 brand new rods or reels
    - sales by non BBC sponsor tackle shops
    - members who sell items for non BBC sponsor tackle shops or distributors

    NO SELLING OF GEAR FOR FRIENDS/RELATIVES under any circumstances. If they have gear to sell, have them become members.

    *BBC moderators may remove without notice posts that appear to be in violation of any of these rules.
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