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    Question Hull number....can anyone tell me anything about my boats history???

    Here's the numbers off the back of my boat. Just wondering if any of the cobra guys can tell me any info through these numbers. Maybe a birthday?? I could celebrate with it??


    Thanks Fellas..........
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    The first 3 letters of the hull identification number (HIN) is the manufacturer's ID Code that the Coast Guard issued.
    EJS = VIPER BOATS INC, PO BOX 770, MOUNTAIN HOME AR. (Out of Business - 11/8/04)

    The next five numbers (02570) is the manufacture's production or serial # which would cross reference your boat's info (model, color, etc.). Dean's Tops and Canvas is the only place that I know of that can still cross reference your HIN #.

    The next two characters (A9) indicate the month and year of production, with (A) being an alphabetical code for January and (9) being 1999.

    The last two numbers (99) indicate the model year which is 1999.

    As for as searching for the history of your boat you might see if the office where you registered it can run a search, your insurance company, or the internet.

    BTW, you just missed your Coral's 14'th birthday so you better run out and pick up something special for her or maybe a good wax job.
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