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    Curado 300e vs. Toro Winch

    As the title says, I'm looking at these two reels for my super deep cranking (10xd).

    What I like about the Winch is the line capacity and the low gear ration (yes, I'm one of the guys that likes a low ratio for deep cranking).
    As for the Curado, it's a shimano so you can't go wrong.

    Wanted to get your thoughts on which reel you would buy for that specific technique.


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    I've used both reels for big swimbait fishing and musky fishing. My Toro Winch didn't hold up well after a season, but my Curado 300E's are still going strong. Another reel you should give some serious consideration to is the new Daiwa Lexa 300P - they're a very good reel for the money as well. The Tackle Trap is a BBC sponsor and we are dealers for all three lines, so let me know if you have any other questions or decide on one of them and we'll take care of you.

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    The Curado300 is not IMHO the answer for deep cranking. See if you can find a Curado200D in the 5to1 gear ratio. That'll be your ticket!


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    Another vote for the curado. I have 2 301's for swimbaiting with heavy baits like 3:16 hardbaits.....awesome reels but I'm not sure they are the answer for deep cranking. I'd prefer a slower gear ratio and even a smaller framed reel.

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