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    Neat little utility to help organize favorites

    AM-Deadlink: A great free tool for fine-tuning your favorites

    There's not much background information about Martin Aignesberger on his website,, or elsewhere on the Web, for that matter. That's too bad, because normally I like to know something about the person (or company) behind a product. It's pretty clear, however, that the creator of AM-DeadLink 2.7 prefers to stay out of the limelight. After numerous Web searches, all I know about Aignesberger is that he lives in Austria in a city called Attnang-Puchheim.
    Be that as it may, AM-DeadLink 2.7 is an elegantly simple way to cull dead or duplicate favorites from your browser bookmarks. If a bookmark points to a Web address that has become unavailable (the familiar "404" browser error,) AM-Deadlink instantly lets you know it's no longer valid. If there's any doubt, you can quickly double-check the link with the program's internal Web browser.
    I was truly amazed how many dead and duplicate bookmarks I had, but I suppose we're all a little lax when it comes to grooming our favorites and browser links.
    AM-DeadLink's user simple interface also lets you sort bookmarks by address, title, status, or error message, as shown above, and provides a quick way to backup your favorites to a zip file for archive purposes or to export them in another computer.
    The program will also download "favicons" to dress-up your bookmarks, provided the corresponding web server makes them available. A favicon is short for "favorites icon." It's a small graphic associated with the operator of a particular website or company, such as a logo or trademark.

    Web sites that support favicons, such as,, and others, download them into your browser. The browser then displays the favicon in the URL address window, in drop-down lists, on toolbars, and on web document tabs (in browsers that support tabbed browsing.) Bookmarks adorned with favicons instantly distinguish themselves from those using Internet Explorer's all too familiar ringed, blue "e" or other default icon.

    Anyway, AM-Deadlink 2.7 is a very cool utility, but does not offer technical support for its freeware offerings, so be prepared to resolve any problem you experience with AM-Deadlink 2.7 by yourself. It worked perfectly for me, but I only tested it with Internet Explorer 6.0. It also supposedly works with Opera, Mozilla, and Firefox.

    The program is only a 845 KB download, and it's absolutely FREE! If you're interested, try it.
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    Re: Neat little utility to help organize favorites (barchief)

    I have used this utility and it is great.

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    Re: Neat little utility to help organize favorites (esoxjohn)

    soon to be owned by Microsoft

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    Re: Neat little utility to help organize favorites (kevg)

    I've been using it for several years.....great little utility.....

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