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    Here are a couple of pictures from this weekend. Please note that I just got my boat a few weeks ago and this is the first one with any electronics so any and all comments / advice is welcome. The only thing that I have played with so far are the colors for the backgrounds, overlays and setting up the frequencies (800 and High Chirp). These were also taken at the bow with the trolling motor transducer so the speed of the boat was SLOOOOOOW. Not yet sure how I feel about the picture clarity so I haven't messed with any of those settings.

    Not sure what this first one is. I am assuming due to the yellow color matching the bottom, it would be the same hardness.

    Screen004 by jhealy30, on Flickr

    For this second one, I am assuming that these are bait fish around the rock on the bottom. What I don't know is what those vertical/diagonal strips are on my sonar. (Ignore the vertical blue stripe interference on the downscan, that is from the trolling motor).

    Screen006 by jhealy30, on Flickr

    Again, any and all comments and advice would be appreciated. I should note that this is from an Elite 7 HDI

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    Old sunken ski boat
    Buried concrete slabs
    Incline 1 burried concrete slabs.jpg

    HDS5 Gen 1 with LSS1

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    Does anyone think that the lss-2 system is that much better than the lss-1????

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    Quote Originally Posted by GOTTA BIG SACK View Post

    That is 1 beautiful Basscat in your sig line!!!!! WOW!!!!

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    Three years since we've had a new image in this sticky?

    Here's a couple muskies:

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    Awesome Pics.

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