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    Here is an updated photo. In order to remove the internal temperature capability from transducers with the blue connector you need to remove pin # 4 from the connector.

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    All though this is for a Totalscan transducer, its the same principal for mounting a Skimmer style transducer:

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    ***Lowrance Help Topics, Networking Diagrams, Wiring Diagrams***

    It seems like we have questions about 2 or 3 times a week asking if a certain combination of HDS units and features are compatible. These are all valid questions that usually are not well documented by Lowrance. So, I thought we could crowd source a compatibility matrix and if the mods think it is useful we could make it a sticky to aid anyone who has a compatibility question. I'll start the matrix with a few of the things I've seen asked and the rest of you guys can post comments for things to add. I'll then edit this post to expand the matrix as we add new things. I hope the community finds this useful.

    If there is a ? in a field that means I am not certain of the answer and will need your input to update the matrix.

    HDS Gen1 HDS Gen2 HDS Gen2 Touch HDS Gen3 HDS Carbon
    Ethernet Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    NMEA 2000 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    StructureScan Yes1,3 Yes1,3 Yes2 Yes2 Yes2
    Map Sharing No Yes3,8 Yes​3,8 Yes3 Yes3
    Transducer Sharing Yes3 Yes3 Yes3 Yes3 Yes3
    Point-1 Yes4,9 Yes4 Yes4 Yes4 Yes4
    HDI Transducer Yes6 Yes6 Yes Yes Yes
    TotalScan Transducer No No ? Yes Yes
    WiFi No Yes5 Yes5 Yes2 Yes2
    CHIRP Sonar No Yes6 Yes6 Yes2 Yes2
    StructureScan 3D No No Yes7, 10 Yes7 Yes7
    SpotlightScan No Yes6 Yes2 Yes2 Yes2

    1. Requires separate StructureScan module
    2. Built-in to head unit
    3. Via Ethernet
    4. Via NMEA 2000
    5. Requires separate GoFree WIFI-1 wireless module
    6. Requires separate SonarHub Sounder module
    7. Requires separate StructureScan 3D module
    8. Requires software version 2.0 or higher
    9. Excludes GPS damping, filtering and calibration features
    10. Must be on an Ethernet network with a Gen3 unit.
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    HDS Compatibility Matrix

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