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    This is a great there are a lot of quiet Christians out here...we Love God, but are not called to be a public speaker and we may want to share our faith...folks need to understand that we may be the one that God has brought into someone’s life that will help them to realize that Jesus is the Way, be it our actions, our subtle words, the way we treat people, heck the list is as endless as God’s I continue my walk with Him and He has taught me more through His Word, I feel more comfortable talking with people about my faith and His faithfulness...anyway I have come up with a subtle way of sharing with others by writing a Scripture reference on the back of my vehicle’s window with something called liquid chalk that you can get at the craft stores – think of the number of people who see the back of your vehicles window in a day, in a week, a month and you can change it often...I was brought to this by seeing the high school kids decorate their cars for football games and such and the light bulb just went off in my head...I believe He is using this...we must remember however that when we share our faith it is for His glory not ours...I cannot tell you how many times I have been at a weigh in after a tournament or a partner pairing the night before a tournament where someone has come up to me because I’m wearing a Christian T-Shirt and they start to tell me what a great Christian they are, then another will over hear the one-sided conversation and join in with what a great Christian they are and while they are both busy “one-upping” each other on what great Christians they are, I quietly slip into the crowd. Where I’m going with that is it is all about them and not really about God, what would an “on the fence’er” think of this behavior ? I would think it would be a turn in my humble opinion, being real about your testimony and keep the spotlight on God and what He has done is the best plan...well that is my two cents, again this is a great thread, for His glory ! God Bless you all ! <><

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    Great being a Fisher of Men! Nothing like serving the Lord of Lords & King of Kings & HE is the GREATEST "FISHER OF MEN" ever! {:>)

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    Religion is a personal matter and there are as many religions as people.

    I told my parents at age 8 if they wanted me to have a religious experience to drop me off at the pond on the way to church...

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    Next time you are on the water... STOP... look around at all God has done, then think of all he has done for you. Then Thank God for all the Blessings you have.

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    religion is so often used in a generic manner.we lump Christianity with all the religions on earth.the thing that separates Christianity from all else is the fact that it is a relationship with Christ and not a system of works.religion is man seeking god through a system of works.christianity is God seeking man through the work of JesusChrist

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    Amen Silver.

    I once heard "Religion is men reaching up to god. Christianity is God reaching down to men."

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    wonderful thread

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    this thread alone is some encouraging stuff. keep it up all

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    The one thing I haven't heard anyone make a point on is the Holy Spirit. I witness alot and when I first started I had now idea what to say, but the Lord gave me words, scripture and encouragement for every individual I have been brought to. The Holy Spirit knows the lives and hearts of every person out there. Set us a blaze oh Lord.

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