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    Re: A few thoughts on sharing your faith (Dover)


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    Re: A few thoughts on sharing your faith (StetsonBasser)

    i have been a student minister for 8 years and the hardest thing for me to do is share my faith outside of the church. You can also see that it is the weakest part of our entire ministry. it is hard for our youth to do it if i'm not sharing as much as i should
    Praise Him for fishing

    Brian Jones

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    Re: A few thoughts on sharing your faith (StetsonBasser)

    You know, many of us forget that we are already sharing our faith just by the way we conduct ourselves. Is the thing that I am doing ... is the words that I am saying ... something that a non-believing angler would associate with wanting to know more about what it is that is different about me. Pray for the opportunities. Let the Holy Spirit take care of the details...

    In Matthew 9, our Lord advised "Go and learn what this means: I desire mercy and not sacrifice." Then compare with Matthew 25:35-36.

    "Keep the Faith"

    \"Keep The Faith\"
    - AllProRods -

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    Re: A few thoughts on sharing your faith (stratosboat1)

    Everybody is scared when they first start but gets easier everyday. The best book I have ever read about witnessing to the public is "One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven" by Mark Cahill

    I concur. It is one of the best I have ever read. Very practical and motivating.

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    Re: A few thoughts on sharing your faith (StetsonBasser)

    Always remember that our lives might be the only gospel people hear. Our living testemony is a powerful thing. We can spend a lifetime building up a testemony; We can take less than 5 mins destroying one!!


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    Re: A few thoughts on sharing your faith (ASTROCRAZY)

    The thing I believe to be important is this: Our testimony! Testimony is what we were like before Christ How we met Christ and what has happened after we met Christ. Our testimony must be simple and be able to share in less than 5 minutes. There are many ways to open the conversation. One of the things my wife and I do when we go to a restaurant is say to the waiter or waitress "We are Christians and we are going to pray in a minute is there anything we can pray for you about. Once you ask the question it is very important you tip correctly. Just a simple but effective way to share and you would be surprised how easy it is then to ask "Are you a Christian" Noodler

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    Re: A few thoughts on sharing your faith (StetsonBasser)

    I have read everything on this post and simply say Thanks.
    Its not about how We do it as long as We do.

    A gentleman was dying across the street and I was to do something and wasn't comfortable until I bugged by the Spirit . I agreed said a prayer to say the right things and when the time was right I kind of said it loudly Do You Pray and Can I pray over Him? He agreed and accepted Jesus as His Saviour and died a couple days later.
    So Whatever You feel at the time do it , You are being guided may not work then and there but it does. They may call you crazy but months down the road they are saying the sinners prayer. So You never know. The world is a strange place and all of us have fallen and still do .
    Thanks for your time

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    Hey all. I like to use tracts to break the ice too. I like pocket testaments because along with a gospel presentation, you get the whole gospel of John so if the person is interested, they get into scripture too. They have lots of cool covers (motorcycles, outdoors, golf) which make them even more interesting to folks. It kind of gives you an excuse to talk to someone and get started. If they don't want to talk, there's a chance they'll read it. You can check out and sign up for free if you want. (my referral number is 240538. There's an online evangelism training class too which was helpful

    Blessings all.

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    Re: A few thoughts on sharing your faith (StetsonBasser)

    I've been in & out of church all my life. I'm now 40 years old and looking back I can honestly say when I "let" God into my life things were much smoother. When I ran from God my situations were so much rougher to go through it without Him. Everything isn't always smooth, even as a Christian. But having him on your side every step of the way things are much easier.

    I had a great mentor growing up - my grandmother. She instilled in me going to church on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings and Wednesday night service as a child. She would take my brothers and sister with her every service. She died when I was in my early teens. But because of her faithfullness I eventually got saved in my home church.

    I'll share two stories with you.

    I now have two boys. My first one was born early, he weighed in at 4 lbs even. I've joked I've caught bass bigger than him. He was born with a virus that his mother caught while she was pregnant with him called CMV. This virus can do a lot of damage. Lose your eyesight, hearing, and the growth of your bones. We were told he might not ever walk, hear, or see. This was his 2nd day in the hospital and my wife and I just cried for a bit. I got my composure and called my father-in-law and told him the news. He asked if I had called our pastor and I said no. Well he told me to and he (my in-laws) were on their way to our place. I called the pastor and he said he was on his way too. They both made it over and we sat there and he told my wife and I that this son of ours isn't really ours. He belongs to God, that he was a gift to us and he can take him anytime to be with Him. He prayed for us and asked for healing and guidance for our lives and for the doctors. As soon as the pastor walked out of our apartment it was like the biggest burdon ever lifted off of my shoulders. To this day when problems come into my life I remember and look back at this situation and problems we see aren't any real problems to worry about at all. To this day he's healthy. He's had some operations from the result of the CMV - but he can walk, talk, and hear just fine. He's had numerous ear infections, hernia surgery, adnoids removed and now braces and glasses he has to wear all the time.

    The 2nd story I want to share with you. I have a bass boat - a Tracker Avalanche. When I got this boat I was so proud to have it. Being "proud" is where problems start. Well I started fishing tournaments in it the first year and for the very first 3 tournaments I fished in I had nothing but problems with it. The first tournament I had trolling motor issues. I got it fixed but I zeroed after having a great practice. The 2nd tournament, same thing. I had to leave early because it just stopped working but all the weeks and practice up to it the trolling motor worked just fine. The final tournament I hit a rock that busted the lower unit. I caught a single fish in 3 events. At the end of the year I told my wife I was selling it. She asked why and she knew I loved this boat to death and I told her that I believe God wants me to give it up because I've had nothing but problems with it and I should sell it and make the money useful elsewhere. I put it on the net and a few other areas and didn't get much of a response. About two weeks later I got a phone call from a director from the Fishers of Men - De. Division. I missed the call. Later that evening I recieved another one but this time from another Director and he asked me a question and I almost knew the answer once he asked it. He asked me to become the director for the NJ Division. I said yes and became the director for 3 years. I was able to keep the boat which helped me run the division and I never really had a problem with the boat the whole time as the director. Seems small but God knows your heart. He'll bless you if you just surrender. Even if it's just a bass boat.

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    Re: A few thoughts on sharing your faith (StetsonBasser)

    I too like tracts. Chick Tracts are excellent. They are in comic book form and kids and young adults like them. Here is the web address: <U></U>. I also agree your testimony is so important. When you are a Christian, your friends, family and associates are watching for you to make a mistake and fall to justify their ungodly state.
    This is what I think is the most important factor in witnessing... read and know the BOOK, the BIBLE. It is your heartline as a Christian. Don't just read it study it. II Tim 2:15: Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. KJV
    Brother in Christ,

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    Re: A few thoughts on sharing your faith (StetsonBasser)

    One book in particular has really helped me overcome a number of insecurities as it relates to my faith and spreading the Word, as well as overcoming spiritual issues...The Bondage Breaker by Neil T. Anderson. Most Christians don't think about how our battles in life are really with the unseen spirits of darkness (principalities, demons etc). This book explains everything with great scriptural backup. If we, as Christians, only realized the power within us through the Holy Spirit and the power we have over evil, we would be professing our faith everywhere. I recommend this book to anyone struggling with faith issues such as fear, anxiety, addictions (be it chemical, sexual etc) and anything that is an obstacle to faith in Jesus Christ. A companion book by the same author, Victory Over The Darkness, is a fantastic read as well and will strengthen our faith in God. I really can't say enough about how this these books can inspire Christians to fulfill the Great Commission.

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    Re: A few thoughts on sharing your faith (StetsonBasser)

    I am a christian, I believe God puts here not for a long time , but for a good time we should be good to one another and help each other , and show love for one another. That is the way of the Lord!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi all, The best advice I can give is just remember who you are working for. Our whole existence is to serve God the Father, Master of the universe. Just tell the Good News, be bold but not arrogant. Tell it like Jesus did so that even the little children can understand it. I like using the pressed pennies I get from The Way of the Master, it is easy to do. Happy Easter to everyone.

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    Re: (encoreman)

    We have been going through a study at church that is titled, Share Jesus without fear. This is the best tool I have found yet to be able to share with out fear. This study teaches you how to conduct your self as a page turner and lets the person that your are speaking with be the reader. The Holy Spirit take over from there. The URL is http://www.sharejesuswithoutfe...27043 If you have not seen this tool I would sedguest that you look at VERY CLOSLEY as a tool of choice.

    Share Jesus Without Fear equips you to communicate your faith in Jesus with confidence and without fear. This easy-to-use, relational approach to witnessing teaches that you cannot fail in sharing your faith if you depend on the power of God for the results. Discover ways to guide a witnessing conversation without fear of failure or rejection.

    Ever wish you had an easy way to express to others the joy you've found in Christ?

    Ever regret not sharing the simple Truths because you were afraid?

    If you answered yes to either, you are not alone. And Share Jesus Without Fear can help. Through the wonderful presentation of author Bill Fay, you can learn practical helps to present the compelling message of God's saving grace.

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    Re: (Firefighter615)

    share the Gospel at all times.........use words if necessary............

    I fish the weekend series on KY Lake and have had the opportunity to witness
    to a couple of boaters with my "Team Jesus" jersey.....the boaters are open to
    talk about faith once they realize you don't have to cuss and carry on to have a
    good time

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    Re: A few thoughts on sharing your faith (StetsonBasser)

    StetsonBasser you hit the nail on the head there.What you mention descibes how I feel.I think the best witness is our daily way of living.Nobody wants to here how bad of person they are , they hear it enough.They are looking for is a way to change ,not hear to what they already know or feel.Anybody can point out what your doing wrong , but we need to find what can help us change and that is Jesus.

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    Re: A few thoughts on sharing your faith (BeeNix)

    wtg Herb. without the work of the Holy Spirit we all helpless. its His job to work in the hearts of the believer and the nonbeliever. i trust the Lord that Hes in complete control and just keep fishin and plantin. God Bless

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    Re: A few thoughts on sharing your faith (LUV2BASSFISHNOW)

    Looks like no one has posted on this forum for awhile, so maybe this can re-start it. I am a full time, vocational senior pastor for the past 33 years after having graduated from a Christian high school, graduating from a Bible college (, graduating from seminary (same), and certified in several ministry programs, one of which is Evangelism Explosion which I highly recommend for sharing your faith. Now, I say all this with great humility because with all this training I still find the key thing in sharing my faith is a genuine winsomeness personally (Jesus tells us to be harmless as doves), showing concern for others, and when people inquire just tell your simple story of how "once I was blind, but now I see." If this is something genuine that you have experienced, then a Bible verse or two will come out somewhere in your story without your even preparing ahead of time for it. I have heard many, many testimony/stories and it is always interesting to me to see the variety of verses from Scripture that God has used to bring someone to personal faith in Christ. And those are the two key things in any person's salvation: God's Word, and God's messenger.

    All these years that I have served Christ vocationally have been a gift and blessing, though the way has not always been easy. I am humbly and eternally grateful that God has seen fit to "put me into the ministry" - and in truth, after all He has done for me, how can I give Him less than my life, my family, and my livlihood, which again is all a gift from Him. When I view life this way, sharing my story comes easily and regularly. And as YOU understand God's great blessings on you, I am sure you will come to the same conclusion.

    As I peruse the forums, names, etc. on this site I regularly pray for all of you in various ways, knowing that God knows who you are and what you need and that He will meet your needs with His best interests in mind. Stay faithful for Him in all you do, you will NEVER regret it! God bless you all!

    Don Workman
    1990 Ranger 680c
    1988 Mercury 100hp & Terrova iPilot 101
    2001 Lincoln Navigator

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    I have found out one thing in life, people are different. What is hard for you may not be hard for me or even the other way. I really believe its important for new and old christians to confess Christ. Romans 10:9 says that if we confess with our mouth and believe in our heart.....I just believe its how we get stronger in the Lord. We don't mind talking about our passion of fishn or our boat to others, we need to start feeling comfotable when speaking about our Lord. I once went to a church that would get people that went to the alter to confess before the church that they accpted Christ. You don't see that much these days, but once you do it that first time, it gets easier. The Bible says that we will defeat the enemy by the Blood and by the word of our testimoney, and it also says that the word of God will not come back void. So I feel that we should tell our story, yet we need to read the word of God and learn those stories, and tell them according to the revelation that God gives us. Its good to read the revelations of others, but we also need to get in a place where we recieve our own. There is just something about reading Gods word, and its even better when we speak that word, for us and those who hear...Love the thread, anytime when 2 or more come together......

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    Great insight from everyone.

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