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    I've never felt so lost in my life as I have the last few weeks. My soon to be wife left me. Her two children that I loved so dearly and grew so attached to were taken from me. I've lost my family. I feel so much hurt, so many unanswered questions as to why, so lost. I feel like I'm spiraling out of control. I need some direction....

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    Seems people are lost and confused as most don't know what they want from life...always looking or next thing/goal to give them their fulfillment. The future always seems to hold happiness, this is why death is scary as means no future for our self image. The image of ourselves as a feeling seems to be a chronic muscular tension that serves no purpose....why to we hold onto life so tightly when God is in control?
    Death is actually peaceful for a lot of people, because they finally see/feel what scripture was trying to teach all along.
    To live is to suffer, but to survive is to find meaning in that suffering. That meaning is found in the Bible and other's just hard to get into words because language is limiting in that respect. You can't find meaning in a mere word as if it could be looked up in a are meaning.
    Reading the Bible or going to mass can be good pointers if you're not trying to separate yourself in the process, but good Pastors/Ministers will tell you that to they can't deliver you from evil need to realize the love of God yourself and this doesn't come from separating yourself as we're all made in Gods image.

    I think clinging to a belief is the wrong approach for me as faith is not clinging, but letting go. What did this clinging I always seem to do in the beginning accomplish for me besides separating myself even seemed like a necessary step, but at some point it served no purpose.
    The power of our social environment is strong in creating separation as this seems like a way to create power over others. It seems we need the opposite these days.
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