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    Please read if your sending by USPS

    When sending USPS, If you are going to send your propeller by usps and i have to sign for it and I'm not here they will take it back to the post office. If we are real busy it might take us a few days to get your propeller. We have a new carrier and she will not sign for it and put it in my shop like my old driver. If you send it with out a signature required they will leave the propeller.
    Thanks Mark

  2. porkchop63334
    Hey Mark, I have a Yamaha 25P T1 vmax prop that has some dent and dings,, A buddy of mine told me that he had you do a blueprint/balance on one of his props,, My prop isnt real bad just ding up pretty good on the edges,,I would like so send it to you and let you do your thing,, just need address and stuff to send it to you,, Please send me the info ,, thank you ,, Larry,,,,,

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    Mr 188 this is a "sticky" about sending in props. Post your question below on the "Normal" forums.

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    Mark,I have a prop packaged up to send you. It is a Power Tech RA4K I think. Blade similar to a raker but 4 blade. I hit a rock (oops) and it bent the tips of the blades. Prop works good as it was but could use a tad more lift. That is if you think you can help it any go ahead and give it a try and Ill run it and see. What I need is a mailing address to send it to. Will use UPS for shipping.

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    Well I sent one USPS.. Priority mail and made sure "no signature required".. They show they didn't deliver it cause there was "No secure location" and that they left a notice? Nearly 40$ shipping and they can't even drop off a damn box. I bet if I'd of picked the 3rd class option it would of taken 2 weeks, but they'd of thrown it from the truck w/o even slowing down.

    Looks like they got it delivered on the 2nd try..
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    Hi Mark, I have a 24 pitch trophy plus that I had work done too because I dinged it up. after getting it back the performance was no where near what it was before I dinged it. so its in good shape now just doesn't perform. just wondering if I need to get it repitched and blueprinted or what? thanks

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    Mark I'm sending u a Hydro today today for clean up only. ups SAID WED ARRIVAL Danny in Jacksonville
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